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    Governor Ensures that Foreign Visits Are Beneficial for West Java Residents


    BANDUNG CITY - Governor of West Java (Jabar), Ridwan Kamil (RK), exposed related to the Foreign Service Visit (KDLN) to England and Sweden at the Harian Umum Pikiran Rakyat office on Thursday (1/8/19).

    As a leader mandated by West Java residents, RK said that what he was doing should benefit the community.

    So, aside from his personal social media account, RK considers mass media to be a bridge of information for KDLN's responsibility.

    "Many have asked, what the benefits for us of Mr. Governor go abroad are. Now, I convey what has been done," said RK.

    RK added, many countries asked him to attend. However, to bring benefits to the people of West Java, RK was also selective in choosing countries for cooperation.

    One of them is by visiting countries that are still doubtful about the security of investing in West Java while carrying out the mission of education, environment, religion, arts and culture.

    "Foreign invitations to me can be 100 invitations per year. Asking me to go to conferences, MoUs, seminars, keynote speakers and others. It is impossible for me to fulfill all of them, so we must choose the ones that bring benefits to the community," said RK.

    Of the 26 four-day agendas in England and Sweden, RK emphasized that everything brought good news for the people of West Java.

    One of the most important thing is that the agreement with Plastic Energy from the UK that will build the processing of plastic waste into fuel oil in Bogor, Bekasi, Bandung, Cirebon and Tasikmalaya with a total investment of Rp 3 trillion.

    Later, all plastic waste in West Java can run out. So, there will be no issue in West Java as the biggest contributor of plastic waste to the sea.

    "Agree that at the beginning of 2020, it will be built in five locations (Bogor, Bandung, Bekasi, Cirebon and Tasikmalaya) plastic waste processing into fuel, there is not yet in Southeast Asia and we have succeeded in assuring them, they only ask for permits to be facilitated," said RK.

    In addition, West Java has collaborated with IKEA company which agreed to market typical West Java products. The construction of an IKEA outlet in Kota Baru Parahyangan, Padalarang, will also absorb hundreds of workers with an investment of Rp 2 trillion.

    "Why IKEA is in Padalarang, it needs a bid for 4 days, what happens, Rp2 trillion goes down, absorbs labor, taxes for KBB, UKM West Java products will be lifted and displayed at the Swedish outlets," said RK.

    In the UK, RK also donated Sundanese gamelan, kacapi suling, angklung, degung, tarawangsa, as well as inaugurating the sunda corner South Hill Park Bracnell as a commitment to develop Sundanese culture.

    "Then a business visit to Kertajati Airport, cargo construction, investment plans, Alhamdulillah there are a lot. Hopefully, it will be useful with this productive overseas visit," concluded RK.


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