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    PLN Buy Electricity From BUMD West Java Province


    BANDUNG - Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) Distribution of West Java signed a Commercial Operating Date (COD) PLTM Cirompang Garut district 8 MW (micro hydro power plants) between GM PLN Distribution of West Java with the main director of PT. Tirta Gemah Ripah who witnessed by Governor of West Java in Pakuan Building, Cicendo No. 1 Bandung.

    "This cooperation can generate income of Rp 50 billion per year to PT. Tirta Gemah Ripah, PLN and West Java community can improve electrification with renewable energy," said GM of PLN West Java Province Iwan, on Thursday.

    Currently, the new and renewable energy amounting to 5% of its generating capacity, new and renewable energy targets by 25% in 2025.

    The purchase price PLN to PT. Tirta Gemah Ripah was Rp 656/kWh where the sale price of PLN West Java on average to consumers amounting to Rp 978/kWh.

    "For entrepreneurs/business people who want eco-friendly plant in West Java province can contact the team of PLN’s Buy Electricity Distribution of West Java, at Jl. Asia Afrika No. 63, Bandung," he said.

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