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    West Java Tobacco Farmers Use Social Media to Speak out


    PANGANDARAN - Today, social media is not only used for socializing, but its role is considered important for expressing opinions. The importance of mastering social media is currently realized by the administrators of Indonesian Tobacco Farmers Association (APTI) in West Java. So they held a Social Media Workshop for its members who are tobacco farmers from various regions in West Java.

    In its press release, on Wednesday (7/31), the Social Media Workhop was held in Pangandaran, West Java on Friday (7/19). The workshop speakers were West Java media literacy activists.

    Workshop facilitators equip participants with knowledge and skills in social media. "With social media we will not only get lots of friends, but also benefit, by running a business. For example, marketing tobacco, "said Ari Syahrial, one of the workshop facilitators.

    This was agreed by Jojo, a tobacco farmer from Majalengka. "With Facebook, I can add friends, learn from other farmers, and sell," he said.

    Meanwhile, the workshop facilitator also stated that as enlightened tobacco farmers, APTI members could improve their ability in using media rather than used for socializing. "Social media can be the space for organizational dynamics and advocacy for tobacco farmers interests," he said.

    This was agreed by the Chairman of the APTI in Bandung regency, Sambas. According to him, APTI will increase the use of social media in the education and advocacy matters.

    "APTI will share tobacco farming tips through social media, as well as various information on the distribution of Revenue Sharing Fund of Tobacco Products Excise (DBHCHT) to farmers. "Even if there are rules that harm farmers, we can speak together in social media," he said. (Even)


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