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    Lipi Introduced Aiko


    BANDUNG-Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) Bandung introduced new applied technology called Aiko. Aiko is an android-based application to determine the type and age of a wood just by taking a photograph the wood.

    "The way Aiko works is to record the surface of the wood cross-section with a magnifying glass. It automatically clarifies after being connected to a server that stores thousands of wood type data files," said Esa Prakarsa, chairman of the Aiko Research Center LIPI Informatics Research Center in Bandung, Tuesday (Tuesday) 7/30/2019).

    Esa explained, Aiko could be a solution to the length of wood identifying process in Indonesia.

    "So far, to determine the type and age of wood takes a long time because there must be a chemical test in the laboratory. By using this application, it can be done briefly," said Esa.

    Aiko is inseparable from the data server of thousands of wood species that have been collected for 3 years.

    "Thousands of cross-section macroscopic photos of various wood types have been collected in the last three years. These photos are then used to practice identification algorithms based on deep learning," explained Esa.

    In addition to the Aiko application, LIPI also introduced other technological findings such as a Plant Disease Detection application, Digital Image Protection application and others. According to the Head of LIPI Informatics Research Center, Purwoko Adhi, the success of various application studies is inseparable from the support of high computer capacity in Lipi.

    "The Lipi HPC has a total processor core of 2864, 13552 GB of working memory and up to 4 byte map storage capacity, equivalent to 4 million GB," he said. (Even)


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