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    Development Planning Agency at Sub-National Level (Bappeda) Asks for Unemployment Problems in West Java Used as Research Materials


    BANDUNG CITY-The West Java Provincial Government in collaboration with the SMERU Research Institute held a Regional Development Forum 2019 with the theme 'Inclusive Economic Development for Sustainable Poverty Reduction in West Java', Tuesday (7/30/19), at the West Java Bappeda Office.

    In the forum, the income equality index and poverty reduction in West Java amounted to 6.13, worse than other provinces in Indonesia.

    Even though, the economic growth index of 5.78 is in fifth place out of 34 provinces in the country, West Java, it still has homework to solve the high unemployment.

    Reported by the Central Statistical Agency (BPS), West Java ranks first as the province with the most unemployment. At present, vocational high school graduates are the biggest contributor to unemployment in West Java also national.

    Related to that, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil stressed that he would develop a different vocational system than the voational high school. Ridwan Kamil believes that the current system cannot compensate for market demand.

    "One of those who came forward and wanted to immediately Bappeda (Development Planning Agency at Sub-National Level) and Disdik (Education Office) discuss (is) about vocational high school. The biggest source of unemployment is from the vocational high school. Economy to the right, the vocational high school is still on the left," Ridwan Kamil said while attending the Regional Development Forum 2019, Tuesday ( 7/30).

    "Yesterday (working visit) to England, the different ways (them). Later we will develop a vocational school, which is different (from vocational high school)," he added.

    Similar focus was expressed by the Head of West Java Province Development Planning Agency at Sub-National Level, Taufiq Budi Santoso. Met at the same event, Taufiq asked researchers to raise the issue of unemployment in West Java.

    "Our hope, SMERU can continue to help West Java, add more research, maybe not only poverty but also unemployment which is the challenge of West Java in the future, because unemployment in West Java is relatively high compared to other provinces in Indonesia," Taufiq said.

    According to Amalia Adininggar Widyasanti, Expert Staff to the Minister of National Development Planning / Head of Development Planning Agency at Sub-National Level in the Field of Economic Synergy and Financing, the problem of unemployment, especially vocational high school graduates, is evidence of a mismatch between market needs and supply.

    "In West Java, this is a big question. West Java is based on manufacturing, but vocational high school graduates are not well absorbed. This means that there are those who do not match the needs of industry with supply of vocational high school graduates," said Amalia.

    In fact, continued Amalia, labor is an industrial asset. "Because labor is an industrial asset to develop and grow more advanced, it is one of the factors of production in economics," he reminded.

    The Regional Development Forum (FPD) 2019 itself is an arena for evaluating regional heads in West Java to reformulate strategies, policies, programs and activities related to an inclusive economy, including alleviating poverty and unemployment.

    Next, the Development Planning Agency at Sub-National Level of West Java Province will follow up on the results of the FPD (Regional Development Forum) by developing a strategy to be used as the basis for the implementation of development as well as monitoring and evaluation in order to improve the Index of Inclusive Economic Development.

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