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    Deputy Governor of West Java: Support School-Age Children Achieve Education


    BANDUNG - West Java Deputy Governor, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum requested that no party interfere with school-age children to get an education. School-age children must attend school for their future.

    Uu said when met after the launch of the educational movie trailer entitled 'Anak Batas' in the Grand Asrilia Hotel, Bandung, Tuesday (07/30/19).

    "Education is important. Nothing else is important for our children's future except with education, "he said.

    "So there should be no disturbances for children at the age of under 17 or 18 years in the other words of the productive age of school, they must go to school to look for knowledge," he added.

    The film 'Anak Batas' is based on a true story. The story is about a school-age girl who cannot go to school because of economic limitations, so she has to help her grandmother makes brown sugar and sell it.

    This film directly starred by Uu who acted as a teacher. It is told that thw teacher fight hard so that the girl could go to school. In addition, there are also senior actresses, Alicia Djohar and Yati Surachman.

    Uu also hopes that this film can be an inspiration and role model for the society. "We hope that this film will not only be watched, but will also make education, a role model, an example to the society that education is important," he said.

    The director of the film 'Anak Batas' Bangun Cahyono said, the production of the film 'Anak Batas' is something to be thankful for.

    "I would like to invite that the production of the film 'Anak Batas' - let's realize that this is a luck from Allah SWT. Let's respond politely with thanks, because fortune is also a test, "Cahyono said.

    Cahyono admitted that the beginning of this film was made because there was a desire from a non-commercial studio that wanted to make an educational film. "Initially from a non-commercial studio, which had the desire for educational films," he said.

    Meanwhile, veteran actress Yati Surachman said she is happy and proud to be involved in the film 'Anak Batas'. Yati hopes that her acting in the film can be her work that educates the public.

    "I hope - a good name is better than a good face. I am already old, I want myself to die leaving works, especially (works) that educate, "he concluded.

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