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    FPD 2019: West Java Governor Invites Regional Heads to the Mid-Term Regional Development Plan (RPJMD) Evaluation


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said, the Regional Development Forum (FPD) 2019 is important as an evaluation momentum, especially evaluating the Mid-Term Regional Development Plan (RPJMD) and strategic work plans in each district/city.

    The reason is, although the economic growth of West Java is already better than the national economic growth rate, income distribution and poverty alleviation in West Java still need to be improved.

    Equitable distribution of income and poverty alleviation itself is one of the three pillars of the Inclusive Economic Development Index (IPEI). Reported by Bappenas, West Java with IPEI 5.93 ranks 12th out of 34 provinces, lower than West Sumatra to Central Java.

    "We have noted that West Java's economic growth is very good at 5.6 percent, but the inclusive economic index is still lacking," Ridwan Kamil said while giving a presentation at the Office of Bappeda in West Java Province, Bandung, Tuesday (07/30/19).

    "It means, evaluating that this speeding economy should not only be enjoyed by those who have easy access and opportunity, for example middle class or educated. While the middle to lower class and regions lack infrastructure, they are less (enjoy)," he added.

    In the FPD with the theme 'Inclusive Economic Development for Sustainable Poverty Reduction in West Java' in cooperation with the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) and the SMERU Research Institute, Ridwan Kamil (RK) is determined to improve the inclusive economy of West Java through tourism sector.

    Through the tourism industry from 27 districts/cities in West Java, RK said that there would be a multiplier effect for the economy of each region so that it could realize an inclusive economy in Tanah Pasundan.

    "If I may offer, West Java's identity tends to be tourism. The multiplier effect are inclusive, from parking attendants, food stalls to restaurants, small hotels or homestays up slightly to large hotels. I point out, West Java is beautiful, I instruct Disparbud to make 10 superior locations each region 27 times 10, there are 270 potential tourism areas, "said RK.

    While to alleviate poverty, RK said the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) has various programs including through the Kredit Mesra (Masjid Sejahtera), OVOC (One Village One Company), OPOP (One Pesantren One Product), hingga Desa Digital.

    The micro programs aim to increase income to encourage inclusive economic growth, macroeconomic stability, and develop infrastructure in disadvantaged areas.

    "We are determined that an inclusive economy must be succeed, so the engine of rapid development also embraces all that involved. If it is only fast but controlled by a group, I I think it is not the Pancasila economy. Because this inclusive economy translates into the Fifth Sila, Social Justice for the Indonesian People," said RK.

    "As a result of this event, we will evaluate the RPJMD, strategic work plans, and others. Study each report card in the region, introspection to become a program. We, the province, (task) will evaluate the APBD so that the final goal will be successful," he said end.

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