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    West Java Governor Appeals Tourists No Need to Worry About the Conditions of Tangkuban Parahu Mountain


    WEST BANDUNG REGENCY - Governor of West Java (West Java) Ridwan Kamil personally observed the current condition of Mount Tangkuban Parahu in Lembang, West Bandung Regency, Monday (7/29/19). According to monitoring results, the condition of the mountain is safe for tourists to visit.

    However, Emil - familiar greeting Ridwan Kamil - said that although it was safe to visit, the Tangkuban Parahu Nature Tourism Park could not be opened to the public.

    The reason is that there is still a need to revamp existing facilities and infrastructure such as the process of cleaning up the erupted ashes.

    "Conditions (Mount Tangkuban Parahu) today are normal and I think if you look at the report of vigilance must be maintained," said Emil.

    "But I think visitors may have come with preparedness from the manager, whose name is the evacuation process, if something similar happens again (eruption)," he added.

    Emil also appealed to the public not to worry about visiting Mount Tangkuban Parahu. He said his side immediately coordinated to determine when Mount Tangkuban Parahu was opened to the public, as well as discuss other matters related to evacuation procedures and so forth.

    "The point is tourists do not worry, please come. West Java Tourism is under control, we always coordinate vigilance as well," Emil said stressed.

    Meanwhile, Mount Tangkuban Parahu erupted on Friday afternoon (7/27/19). However, the eruption that occurred was local. Based on the report, continued Emil, the eruption that occurred last week was in accordance with the eruption pattern that had happened before in 2013.

    "The eruption that occurred at Tangkuban Parahu Mountain was not a magma eruption, but a water vapor or phreatic eruption. This eruption is local in nature, so it does not spread because only the vapor above and shrink it is also fast. So when the eruption occurred yesterday (7/27) it was not too "It's been normal for a long time," Emil said.

    While related to evacuation procedures, Emil also requested that the SOP be improved, including related to the position of the car park that must face the road. In addition, the number of cars that can park is adjusted to the available parking lot.

    "I request the evacuation procedure to be completed, one of which is the parking position that must face the road (the mouth of the car), so that it can directly (evacuate) if there is an event (such as an eruption)," he concluded.

    Mount Tangkuban Parahu itself is located in two administrative administrations, namely Subang Regency and West Bandung Regency. Being in position 2,084 above sea level (asl), based on the history of its activity this mountain has an eruption period of 2-50 years.

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