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    Governor Met ILO to Discuss about Wages


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil, accompanied by related OPD met the representative of ILO's International Labor Organization in Gedung Sate, on Monday (07/29/2019), discussing about wage system problems in West Java. According to Ridwan Kamil, representatives of ILO were represented by Daniel Kostzer as the ILO's Senior Regional Wage Specialist Region Economic and Social Analysis Unit to share information about a good wage setting system.

    "The point is that we want to hear their opinions and analysis about the stipulations of wages that always be problematic with us. There are demonstrations every year. If we let this problem run, it will interfere the productivity as well," he said.

    According to Kang Emil, he did not participate in the detail discussion, but the point is that West Java wanted to create a new pattern of wages system that benefited all parties especially entrepreneurs and workers.

    "I did not take part in the detail discussion, but the point of this meeting is that I hope West Java has a good wages pattern or system, something like that," said Kang Emil, 

    Meanwhile, West Java Head of Transmigration and Manpower, Ade Apriandi, who was met separately said that at the first stage, the meeting formed a task force or working group representing the government, workers and employers to set a pattern for the future wage system according to instructions from ILO. (Pun)

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