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    Pocari Sweat Run Bandung West Java Marathon 2019: Ridwan Kamil Participated in 5K Running


    BANDUNG CITY - West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil did not miss to enliven Pocari Sweat Run Bandung West Java Marathon 2019 in 5K category.

    Together with around 2,500 runners, Ridwan Kamil joined the running event which began at 06.00 WIB from Diponegoro Street, Bandung, on Sunday (07/28/19).

    This year, a total of 10,000 runners participated in the third edition of Pocari Sweat Run Bandung. Carrying the theme 'The Pride of West Java Sport Tourism', there were four categories; 5K, 10K, Half Marathon (21K), and Full Marathon (42K).

    Emil said that he was grateful to run even though he was having a problem with his leg.

    Emil concluded that physical strength was not only the measure to participate in a marathon event.

    "At first I just wanted to walk because there was a little problem with my legs. But because of many participants, and there is a child running fast, it becomes a shame too," said Emil.

    "So, the key is spirit, not physical," he added.

    Emil was proud because this marathon event was welcomed by high enthusiasm from the community. The quota of 10,000 runners sold out in just 45 minutes. Participants were not only residents of West Java, but from all corners of the country.

    "Many people complained (because they ran out of quota) not only to the committee, but also to me. I want to register but I can't, because the quota is only 10,000, "Emil said.

    Emil added, this marathon event was not just a sports event, but it became the part of tourism promotion of West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov).

    "And this (Pocari Sweat Run Bandung West Java Marathon 2019) promotes our sport tourism," Emil said.

    The marathon event with 10,000 participants could have an impact of approximately Rp 10-15 billion to community economy in terms of accommodation. He also hoped that more people would do excercise.

    "The more we move, the more we believe that Indonesian people must be healthy. "Promoting sports to the community, and persuade the community to do exercise," Emil said.

    The same thing was conveyed by PT Amerta Indah Otsuka's Marketing Director, Ricky Suhendar. Ricky said, his party was satisfied because of the great enthusiasm from the community and full support from West Java Provincial Government.

    "We are very happy and proud because 10,000 runners have enlivened this 2019 Pocari Sweat Run Bandung," said the man who is familiarly called Suhe.

    Meanwhile, one of the participants who was also a national athlete, Agus Prayogo, admitted that he really enjoyed running a marathon in Kota Kembang especially when he crossed the streets which became a landmark of Bandung such as Gedung Merdeka on Jalan Asia-Afrika.

    "I really enjoy, and we are very happy. I can run in my training base while enjoying Bandung under marshal team guard. That's something very impressive, "said Agus.

    "And one of the ones that I remember the most was when crossing Gedung Merdeka and old buildings there (Jalan Asia-Africa)," he concluded.

    Virtual Run

    Unlike the previous event, this year's Pocari Sweat Run Bandung West Java Marathon 2019 presented Virtual Run. Through this facility, Indonesian people who could not participate directly in Bandung could register online and ran in their own cities at the same time. There were around 500 runners from all over Indonesia participating in this Virtual Run.

    "This year is a unique year for Pocari Sweat Run Bandung West Java Marathon 2019 because there are some new things that did not exist in the previous year," Suhe said.

    "This Virtual Run wants to accommodate Indonesian runners who do not have a chance to come to Bandung. So, we give an opportunity for them to run in their own city. The time must be at the same hour and the same date, which is today (28/7), "he said.

    Another special thing is that the custom word in each participant's shirt; each participant can write their names. In addition, there is also a Culture Run which was held one day before the Pocari Sweat Run Bandung West Java Marathon 2019 on Saturday (7/27).

    "Participants who want to take part in the event on Saturday, they will 3 kilometers from Gedung Sate to Gedung Pakuan by wearing Indonesian traditional clothes. It is also aimed to elevate Indonesian cultures, "concluded Suhe.


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