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    Instill the Values of Goodness to Young Generation Through Football


    GARUT REGENCY – Football is a sport that is loved by all society. There are many things that young people can learn from football. Starting from teamwork, problem solving, discipline, to sportmanship.

    On Saturday (7/27/2019), around 1000 early childhood dribbled simultaneously as far as 3,5 kilometers in Alun-Alun Garut Regency. The activity that is initiated by PSSI the Garut Regency Association aims to form a football achievement. 

    With the theme ‘Ball Unites Us’, the activity set a world record for RHR (Record Holders Republic). The Daily Task Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, who was also present, appreciated the activity entitled “The Sleigh Ball of 1,000 Early Childhood”. 

    “This activity is special, where at present most children are fond of gadgets, but this is a form of directing a positive interest for them,” he said while giving a speech. 

    According to Uu, the launching of football achievements is a commitment in realizing generation that is easily competitive and achieves. Therefore, he hopes that the activity can foster enthusiasm and make the young generation of Garut regency smart, moral, and healthy. 

    “Moreover, there are also many national-scale football athletes who were born in Garut,” he said.

    In addition, Uu hopes that other regencies/cities in West Java will hold similar activities. Since, he said, football can be a unifying tool fot the nation. 

    The regent of Garut Rudy Gunawan said, the activity was one of the efforts in increasing the spirit of togetherness and at the same time making various parties aware of the same efforts to encourage Garut regency in the sector of football.

    “Hopefully, all football stakeholders can support it,” he said.

    Were also present three national football players from Garut, such as Zaenal Arif, Eka Ramdani, and Yandi Sofyan. According to Rudy, the three players were outstanding regional people. “Continue to study, continue to practice, Insyaallah, achievement is achieved,” he said.

    The chairman of the PSSI district association Garut regency Amirudin Latif said, football can foster sportmanship in young generation. “Today, we hold 1,000 Children of Ball Sleigh activity into our campaign so that peace can be created in Indonesia. We will grow peace from an early age,” he said.

    Latif stated that the activity held were aimed at encouraging the realization of an extraordinary generation. Besides getting formal education, religious education, and with sport activities will present excellent physical.

    Founder of Lariba Islamic Indonesia Arie Sulaiman said, Garut Menggiring Bola activity was held as a practice of religious values related to maintaining health. In addition, the activity was an effort to record the history of sports in Garut regency.

    “We print a world record together, advance Garut football. We support Garut football. Because all this time we have great potential,” he said.

    “We invite Garut entrepreneurs to support the success of Garut,” he said. 

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