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    Poverty Rate of Tasikmalaya Regency Declines


    TASIKMALAYA DISTRICT - Daily task of West Java Governor, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum appreciated the various developments in Tasikmalaya Regency, especially the reduction in poverty rates. In 2017, the poverty rate of Tasikmalaya Regency reached 183,350 people or 10.84%. Whereas, in 2018, the poverty rate became 172,410 people or 9.85%.

    According to Uu, the reduction in poverty rates in Tasikmalaya District happened due to the welfare of the people in Sukapura increased.

    "I got a report from the Regent (Tasikmalaya) that its poverty rates down. Of course it is good and I see that now it is progressing," he said when met after attending the Special Plenary Meeting of the Tasikmalaya District Regional House of Representative in the framework of commemorating the 387th anniversary of Tasikmalaya District on Friday (07/26/19).

    Uu also said that the infrastructure of Tasikmalaya District improved, such as road conditions, bridges, and availability of irrigation water. In addition, Tasikmalaya District has also become a Child-Friendly City (Kota Layak Anak). The predicate is pinned by the Central Government.

    "Continue to increase especially the education, public health and tourism sectors to be maximized," he said.

    However, Uu stated that there are still many development challenges that would be faced by the Tasikmalaya District Government. So, he hopes the anniversary of the Tasikmalaya District is a momentum to continue to improve performance, achievements in various fields, and maintain unity.

    "Hopefully it will be the best district in West Java," he concluded.

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