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    200 Cooperatives in West Java Already Digital


    BANDUNG DISTRICT - About 200 cooperatives in West Java have been digitized in their operations. But as expressed by the West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum in commemoration of the West Java National Cooperative Day in Soreang, Bandung Regency, 200 cooperatives are still cooperatives in urban areas. In the future, the West Java Provincial Government hopes that all cooperatives in both cities and villages have implemented digital systems.

    "Indeed, all of them come from cooperatives in urban areas first, related to the availability of infrastructure. But, in the future with the support of the heads of the regency, cooperatives in the village will be digitized" said Uu, Friday (7/26/2019)

    But overall Uu claimed to be proud of the cooperatives in West Java, on average they had been in the form of a modern cooperative, both in terms of its operations and its products.

    "I am proud because the average cooperatives in West Java now are already modern. We see it from product packaging, management, etc. But it needs to be developed continuously," he said.

    To expand the cooperative network, West Java Provincial Government is also pushing for the establishment of Kopsis, it is a students cooperative in all high school/vocational schools in West Java.

    "In addition to socializing cooperatives up to the senior secondary level, students can also learn while managing cooperatives so when they graduate, at least they already have experience in cooperatives, and beneficial for their lives," Uu stressed.

    The commemoration of the national cooperative day at the West Java level is attended by superior cooperatives from throughout West Java and held a product exhibition. In addition to the Regent of Bandung Dadang M Naser as the host, there is also the regent mayor throughout West Java. (Pun)

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