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    Adiwiyata Process of Behavior Change


    BANDUNG - In this 34th edition, Jabar Has Information (Japri) with the theme of Environment  Protection and Management of West Java-World Environment Day held at the Gedung Sate Museum Lobby, Parkiran Timur on Thursday ((07/25/2019).

    According to the Head of Bandung Regency Environmental Department, Asep Kusumah, said that when we talk about environment, we also have to talk about civilization, and when we talk about civilization, we also have to talk about behavior.

    "In the Law of the Republic of Indonesia number 32 of 2019 concerning protection and management of environment, every person is obliged to reduce and deal with household waste in an environmentally manner," he said.

    According to Asep, Adiwiyata is not a program to create clean schools. It is not only to produce environmental experts, but a habituation process that will later change the school behavior as a strategic force that are able to familiarize and assist the process of behavior change.

    "Adiwiyata is a process to change individual behavior carried out together," Asep said, after the 
    department that he led received the West Java Provincial Adiwiyata award.

    Meanwhile, Dijah Noeringtias from SMAN 2 Cibinong, Bogor Regency, that was the recipient of Adiwiyata Award for the Environmental Care School, stated that in the protection and management of environment, the high school banned the use of steroform, straws and plastic materials.

    "SMAN 2 Cibinong conducts various programs such as Clean Thursday (Kasih), Garbage Donation is carried out every Friday, hydroponics and vertical garden, and Alhamdulilah little by little habituation to love the environment growing continuously," he said.

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