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    Uu Urges West Java Society to Care More About Air Pollution


    BANDUNG CITY -- Daily Task of West Java Governor, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum reminded West Java society to continue raising awareness of the importance of protecting the environment even though West Java's air quality is generally classified as good at 72.18.

    The reason is, Uu said, the growth of industry, settlement and infrastructure in West Java will increase rapidly in the future.

    "In it, of course there are large commercial activities which will produce pollution, not only air but also density," Uu said at a ceremony to celebrate the West Java Provincial Environment Day at Gedung Sate, Bandung, Thursday (07/25/19).

    Uu added, the biggest contributor to air pollution in West Java is from motorcycle, which now reached a total number of tens of millions units. The average growth of motorcycle in West Java reaches 12 percent annually and could continue to increase.

    "The biggest pollution contributors are still vehicles with a total number of 17 million units, but besides that, there are also industrial activities, all garbages also contribute," said Uu.

    He also welcomed the steps of the central government through the Ministry of Industry, who plans to impose rules on the use of electric vehicles in big cities.

    "I welcome the central government to issue a policy for electric vehicles, so there is no pollution," Uu said.

    World Environment Day 2019 also took the theme 'Beat Air Pollution' or fight air pollution. Uu hopes that this year's celebration will become a momentum for the community to be more concerned about the environment, especially air pollution.

    "Don't just be ceremonial, but it must be a reminder and arouse people's desire to reduce air pollution," Uu said.

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