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    Jatinangor Ring Bridge Eligible To Be a Heritage Building


    BANDUNG-Ring Bridge located in Jatinangor, Sumedang District, which is in the vicinity of the campus of the University of Padjadjaran in fact worthy of being a Heritage building.

    Now the railway bridge was seen less neglected. Even traces of railroads has been missing. There was not the railway sleepers especially iron railway.

    From a distance it looks still solid. This bridge connects the local residents lines and it can be crossed by bike.

    From historical records, the Jatinangor ring bridge was built since 1918 and in 1942 was no longer passing by train. Its length reaches 40 meters.

    The bridge is called the ring, because it is shaped like a piece of half rings. There was also a call similar to the curved shape of a bow. The condition now is less well maintained, especially the historic bridge that has not been designated as heritage buildings.

    Manager of Public Relations of PT. KAI Centre Agus Komarudin said the revitalisation of the railway of Rancaekek-Tanjungsari make this bridge is likely to be used again. But if it is older then the new track will be created.

    “This railway train is supposed to be a heritage building if it is no longer used for the revitalisation of the railway of Rancaekek -Tanjungsari," he said.

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