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    Upsus Siwab Exceeds Target, West Java is Ready to Supply Cow Out of Region


    INDRAMAYU REGENCY -- Daily Task of West Java Governor, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said that the development of the beef self-sufficiency program in West Java through the Special Efforts (Upsus) for Obligation of Cow Pregnant (Siwab) activity until mid-2019 had exceeded the target.

    For acceptors of Artificial Insemination (IB) or injection marriage methods, until June 2019, there are 50,011 acceptors which have been realized from the target of 49,400 or 100.2 percent.

    "Only six months, it has reached 100.2 percent, how about a year, so this year more cows will be born in West Java," Uu said while attending the West Java Livestock Expo and Contest 2019  in Singalodra Field, Indramayu, Wednesday (07/24 / 19).

    Uu also highlighted the positive target report for the six-month pregnancy of cows which reached 118 percent or 44,131 of the target set for a year, that is 37,382.

    While for birth, although it has not exceeded the target yet for a year as many as 29,904, but until July 2019 the birth rate has reached 27,461.

    "So just a little bit longer, because we still have six months left, hopefully the cows will be born, big and re-breed all of them in West Java. Thank you to the inseminators and champion farmers," said Uu.

    At the West Java Animal Expo and Contest 2019 , Uu, who was accompanied by Indramayu Regent and Director of Livestock Production Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, also visited the exhibition on animal husbandry development, technology and products, exhibiting local genetic resources, sacrificial animal exchange, and drinking milk simultaneously with 200 school children.

    According to Uu, West Java has great potential for large farms and innovators. For this reason, he stated that West Java is ready to supply livestock outside its territory. He also hopes that West Java farmers continue to innovate, so quality will increase.

    "I am happy that West Java has a great potential for livestock and innovators, such as cattles, goats, chickens, poultry. It means that West Java is ready to become a supplier of livestock to areas outside of West Java," Uu said.

    "Technical procedures for good farming, using modern knowledge and tools, so the results increase and this is our duty to make programs and budgets," he added.

    Regarding the supply of cows for Eid al-Adha, Uu said that in 2020, West Java will not supply cows from outside its territory, but will be fulfilled by local cows, namely Pasundan Cow.

    "Idul Adha in this year, some of them are still supplying from outside (West Java), but next year, we are targeting all of the local Pasundan cows, especially with artificial insemination, more cows can be born," Uu said.

    The achievement of self-sufficiency in cows in West Java was also appreciated by the Ministry of Agriculture. Director of Breeding and Livestock Production, Sugiono said that his side is always intense to work on West Java in terms of breeding beef cattle, dairy cows, as well as goats, sheep and poultry.

    "The extraordinary achievement of West Java for this Obligation of Cow Pregnant (Siwab) program, only through Artificial Insemination (IB), its achievements have exceeded the target even though it was only six months," Sugiono said.

    Meanwhile, based on the jury recapitulation, West Bandung Regency succeeded in becoming the overall winner of the West Java Livestock Contest 2019 on July 23 at Singalodra Field which was attended by 500 participants.

    About 20 people from the Board of Higher Education, Agricultural Research and Association said that West Bandung Regency deserved to be the overall champion because it dominated almost all categories of livestock competitions. Award trophies to winners are given directly by Daily Task of West Java Governor, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum.

    According to Koesmayadi Tatang, the Head of Food Security and Livestock Officee as Chair of the West Java Livestock Competition 2019, the purpose of this annual competition is to motivate farmers to provide replacement seeds, give awards to farmers to produce superior seeds and maintain good management, motivate livestock people to improve quality and competitiveness.

    "This is also our efforts to preserve West Java germ Plasm, such as Garut sheep, Priangan sheep, Pelung chicken, Sentul chicken, Pasundan cow and Rambon duck," said Koesmayadi.

    The category in the Livestock Competition this time included superior beef cattle which changed teeth in two pairs, superior cow changed teeth in one pair, Pasundan cattle changed teeth in three pairs, Pasundan cow changed teeth in two pairs, dairy cow aged 9-12 months, dairy cow aged 12-15 months, also the cow gives birth twice.

    In addition, there were also contests for king billy goat and a maximum of two incisor pairs, queen nanny goat changed teeth maximum of two incisor pairs, candidate of king billy goat changed teeth maximum of two pairs, calf changed teeth maximum of one pairs, local adult Sentul rooster, adult Sentul hen, Rambon duck, Pajajaran duck, Cihateup duck and Priangan sheep exhibition.

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