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    Ridwan Kamil Marketed West Java Tea in England


    ENGLAND - West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil visited the one of the British tea producers office, Finlays, during his working visit in England,Tuesday (07/23/2019). Besides seeing tea produced by Finlays, Emil, as Ridwan Kamil is called, he also showed West Java tea.

    "I came here (Finlays office) to be marketing, trying to sell West Java products," he said.

    During his visit, Emil brought various PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) VIII tea products, one of which is the most expensive white tea in the world, which costs 60 USD per kilogram. However, he said that West Java tea could not attract European society yet, especially England.

    "The reason is because tea from us did not fit when mixed with milk. Their habit here, if you drink tea using milk," he said.

    The situation, said Emil, is a homework for Indonesian tea producers, especially West Java, in order to supply the tea needs of Blue Continen, including England.

    After visiting the Finlays office, Emil had a meeting with 12 entrepreneurs who were members of the UK Asean Business Council. During the meeting, Emil explained the potential for investment in West Java.

    "Indonesia's economic growth is growing, especially in West Java, its growth last year was 5.6 percent higher than the national average," he said.

    Emil also explained the various infrastructure developments which are being built in West Java, such as the Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Rail. "We are also developing Segitiga Rebana area that will be a special economic zone (SEZ), that is Cirebon-Patimban Port-Kertajati," he said.

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