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    West Java is Ready to Meet Fisheries Internship Needs in Ishinomaki Japan


    BANDUNG - The West Java Provincial Government will prepare vocational high school (SMK) graduates who are interested in joining fishermen apprentice in Ishinomaki, Japan as possible.

    West Java Regional Secretary, Iwa Karniwa said in a meeting with Ishinomaki Fisheries Director, Kanno Kenji, a vocational school graduate in West Java who participated in this program would certainly get attractive salaries and facilities. "Ishinomaki's 3-5 year apprenticeship program is trained, the first month's salary can be Rp14-Rp15 million," he said after a meeting at Gedung Sate, Bandung, Monday (07/22/2019).

    According to him, this attractive offer is being followed up by the West Java Fisheries and Marine Service along with the West Sumatra Regional Secretariat and Government Bureau. Especially calculating the needs of the Japanese and the readiness of SMK graduates prepared by the West Java Education Agency. "The plan is that whatever Japanese needs we will fulfill," he said.

    Iwa claimed that Ishinomaki was enthusiastic about SMK graduates in West Java because so far fishermen from West Java are among the most capable and good at work. The collaboration that has been going on for a long time is only need to be optimized. "We also have fisheries vocational schools, we try with Education Agency to optimize graduates," he explained.

    According to him, an apprentice in Ishinomaki is a golden opportunity for vocational graduates to become educated and modern fishermen. "The salary of Rp. 14-Rp. 15 million a month is net, even up to Rp. 20 million," he said.

    By sending participants to the fishermen's apprenticeship program, Iwa hopes that when they return to West Java, the province has educated fishermen. The same thing according to him is expected to be obtained through the program with other parties related to Vocational School graduates in certain fields. "We hope that in the future, fishermen or farmers at least graduate from Vocational School." This program is good news for Vocational School graduates," he said. (Pun)

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