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    The Chief of Indonesian Army Staff Inaugurated 998 Officers of the Indonesian Military Academy

    BANDUNG – 998 new officers of Sekolah Calon Perwira (Secapa) consisting of 957 male soldiers and 41 Army Women Corps (Kowad) today, Wednesday (07/24) were appointed by the Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Army (Kasad) General TNI Andika Perkasa, during the Prasetya Perwira Diktukpa (Education Formation Officers) ceremony of the Indonesian Army 2019. 
    In the inauguration, Kasad also gave the Trisakti Wiradhika award (three aspects of the ability of reliable Officers) to two best graduate officers in the name of Lt. Inf Prasetyo PMPP (Pusat Misi Pemeliharaan Perdamaian) and Letda Caj (K) Yuni Normawati (Military Academy) Magelang. 
    In the middle of the event, Kasad also had a dialogue with the families of the young officers, regarding his hopes for the newly appointed young officers, parents, wives, husbands, children, daughter-in-law and family, all hoping that the newly appointed officers would become successful soldiers and love their familiy. 
    “Young officers must be successful, they must take care of themselves. Being an Officer wherever assigned, they must bring their family, never forget what is said and expected by parents, children, wives, husbands, in-laws and other families today. Do not disappoint them, they hope you are successful, keep your family, take care of your health by exercising every day, take care of the household, maintain relationships with colloeagues, family, and superiors,” he said.
    According to Kasad, wherever they work, do it with full responsibility, never let down the leader and the Head of State who has signed your Presidential Decree to be an Officer. Congratulations to everyone. 
    Besides, the Head of Army Infromation Service (Kadispenad) Brigadier General Candra Wijaya, this Prasetya Perwira ceremony was the culmination of the education process of Army Officers who were sourced from Bintara for 7 months in Secapa AD institution. 
    “This Officerse will be projected to fill class IX positions in the career development pattern of TNI AD Officers, that are the position of the Platoon Commander or the position at the level of Combat Unit, Combat Aid Unit, and Aministration Assistance Unit.
    After the Prasetya Perwira Diktukpa TNI AD TA 2019 ceremony, Kasad and other invited guests, watched the Drumband Canka Panorama display which was played nicely by organic members of Secapa AD. (Parno)
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