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    In Addition to Farming, West Java Farmers are also Equipped with Entrepreneurship to Increase Sales


    CIANJUR REGENCY - West Java Provincial Secretary, Iwa Karniwa opened Entrepreneurship Stabilization Training for Farmers and Reviewing the Exposures of New Entrepreneurs (WUB), and Agricultural Machinery Event(Alsintan) in the Hall of the West Java Province Food and Horticulture Training Center, Bojong Picung, Cianjur, Tuesday (7/23/19).

    Iwa said that today West Java wants to improve agriculture in the region as the times. This is to anticipate an increase in population and the number of non-agricultural land.

    "So the next step taken by the government is to increase the productivity of agricultural land," said Iwa.

    The first step in increasing productivity is the availability of water all the time. Now, the central government and the West Java are in the process of building six reservoirs. Later, it is expected that the harvest index is usually twice a year, three times a year.

    "Although there is a decrease in the area of rice or horticulture, but productivity per hectare of tons has increased. The previous 5 tons per hectare, is now close to 6.5 tons in the harvest season," Iwa said.

    Second, continued Iwa, is the use of sufficient water and also the right fertilizer. The third is maintenance, then the fourth is to increase farmers' knowledge about proper farming.

    The fifth step also last refers to the decrease in the number of farmers, so that the existing farmers must be maintained and equipped with entrepreneurial insights.

    "Farmers must also be sought to have entrepreneurs of knowledge or new entrepreneurs," Iwa said.

    Based on data, new entrepreneurs who have been trained by the Office of Agriculture and Food Crops of West Java Province from 2015-2018 reached approximately 3,200 farmers or business actors.

    "And the training this time is not training from the new ones, but the training that has done the training then we train again and at the same time evaluate, the extent of the training can have an impact on the level of business," said Iwa

    "I evaluated, from the 90 people it turned out that what had only been done by themselves, marketed itself and so on now he already has labor. And there has been an increase in the packaging and sales side," he added.

    Iwa also said that West Java is trying to improve the market, especially through digitalization of marketing in collaboration with marketplaces and related parties such as blibli.com and Bukalapak.

    Even with the policy support of the West Java Provincial Government, economic growth in West Java of 5.64 percent is the highest in Indonesia. While inflation can be maintained in fair conditions at 3 percent.

    Data shows a decline in poverty in 2017-2018 from 8.7 percent to 7.3 percent or a decrease of almost 0.8 percent.

    "So based on these data and facts, we are increasingly determined to increase (knowledge) of farmers. Not only agricultural knowledge, not only raw materials are sold, but also learning (selling) finished materials that are ready to be eaten by the community and marketing them," concluded Iwa .

    Head of the West Java Province Food and Horticulture Crop Service Hendi J reported the number of participants during the five-day training was 90 people.

    Participants came from Ciamis Regency, Tasikmalaya Regency, Sumedang Regency, Garut Regency, Bandung Regency, West Bandung Regency, Purwakarta Regency, Subang Regency, Karawang Regency, Bekasi Regency, Cianjur Regency, and Bogor Regency.

    "The target of this training is that participants will have a broad network to be more attractive in terms of packaging, improvement in the quality of food products (whether processed or not)," Hendi said.

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