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    West Java Livestock Contest, Event to Evaluate and Improve Quality of Livestock


    INDRAMAYU - The Expo for Animal Husbandry and Contest is an evaluation forum for the West Java provincial government, especially the Livestock Service Office in order to increase livestock production in West Java. This was expressed by Acting Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, at the opening of the 2019 Livestock Expo and West Java Livestock Contest in Indramayu Regency on Wednesday (24/7/2019).

    "And also as information education to farmers, and also as an exchange program for exchanging experiences between one breeder and other farmers," Uu said.

    But the most important thing according to Uu is the annual competition to raise the spirit of raising livestock properly.

    "Recently, there were also several categories and prizes that were very encouraging and at the same time congratulated West Bandung Regency for being the overall champion this year," he said.

    Then, Uu revealed the reason why the West Java province always held annual activities was to increase the spirit of love for livestock.

    "With this activity, Insya Allah, it will increase passion by several activities. Like me, I feel as a party person if there is no activity in the party, there is also no party spirit, but if there are activities in the party there are some idealisticwith this activity, the idealism of raising livestock to develop livestock in West Java hopefully increases from year to year, "concluded Uu. (Pun)

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