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    Uu Called O2SN as Athletes Nursery Event for POPNAS


    BANDUNG CITY – The deputy governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum opened the national student sports olympic (O2SN) of SMA & SLB West Java in 2019 at Tri Lomba Juang Sport Hall, Pajajaran street No. 37, Bandung City, Monday (7/22/19).

    Uu considered that the tournament which was followed by 1,189 students in 2019 was a positive event to increase the talents and interests of students. According to Uu, a person’s success cannot only be seen from academic values but also from other sectors such as sports.

    “Fostering full students is guidance that fosters the unique potential of students’ intelligence which is carried out through the arena of thinking, exercise, and sports,” Uu said. 

    “And it could be possible that their success in the future could be from there (sports or other sectors),” he added.

    The potential or other talents of students, Uu continued, need to be explored and developed continously. It is important to increase positive activities so that the students can avoid things that are not good, such as drugs, free sex, and so on. 
    “Usually, students enter areas that are not expected by parents due to lack of after-school activities. In the end falling into things that are no desirable (drugs, free sex, and so on),” Uu explained 

    “If there is an activity that busied themselves (students), such as sports, then they will not enter those areas (drugs, free sex, and so on),” he said.
    West Java O2SN SMA & SLB in 2019 itself takes place on 22-25 of July in Bandung city and West Bandung regency.

    1,189 participants from 27 districts/cities throughout West Java, consisting of 432 high school student participants and 437 SLB student participants. 

    The head of West Java Education Office Dewi Sartika explained that there are five sports (cabor) that are competed for high school level, namely: pencak silat, karate, athletics, badminton, and swimming.

    Meanwhile, there are nine sports for SLB, namely: Badminton Men’s Level SMPLB deaf, bocce women’s level SDLB or down syndrome, bocce women’s level SMPLB, bocce women’s level SMALB, 80 meter male athletics at SDLB level, 100 meter male athletics at SMALB level, male wheelchair racing at SMPLB for the physically disabled, paraplegia, and one or two foot function abnormalities, and male / female chess levels from SDLB to SMALB.

    For sports coaching, the Senior High School Division of the West Java Education Office since 2008 has consistently held O2SN. The tournament is held to facilitate the growth of talents, interests, and achievements of students in the sector of sports.

    Until now, the O2SN has developed well and be able to support the development of sports achievements. This was evidenced by the O2SN alumni of West Java who succeed in pencak silat at the 2018 Asian Games.

    Therefore, Uu called that O2SN also as athlethes nursery event of West Java because the O2SN champions will represent West Java at the next level, the National Student Sports Week (POPNAS).

    “Of course this (O2SN) is also our nursery for the national level, namely POPNAS and this is the initial (competition),” Uu concluded.

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