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    Ridwan Kamil Will Strengthen Cooperation in Various Sectors


    BANDUNG CITY – The governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil will do work visits to England and Sweden from 21 to 26 of July 2019. Along six days, Emil – Ridwan Kamil’s nickname will meet a number of institutions.

    “I will hold a meeting with more than 26 institutions,” he said when he met by the West Java public relations reporting team before his departure to England and Sweden in Jakarta, Thursday (18/7/2019). 

    One of the meetings, Emil said, will discuss the finalization of investment in plastic waste management into diesel from a British company, that is Plastic Energy Limited, with an investment of IDR 3 trillion. He also will directly visit to the head office of Plastic Energy Limited.

    Besides, Emil said that his party will discuss the English for Ulama program with various institutions in England. According to him, England will be one of the destination countries for West Java ambassadors from English for Ulama to embrace Peaceful Islam throughout the world.

    “The rest are 24 (meetings) again, starting from culture, study for Vocational Schools who will become partners there, and West Java Culture Festival in Stockholm (Sweden),” he said.

    “Insyaallah all (meetings) will bring concrete gifts for West Java,” he continued.
    The head of the Bureau of Government and Cooperation’s West Java Regional Secretary Dani Ramdan revealed, the overall working visit of West Java governor to England and Sweden this time brought three missions, that are economics, environment, and art. 
    “He (West Java governor Emil) will immediately see and visit the head office of Plastic Energy Limited there,” he said.

    Likewise, in England, Emil is also invited by the Embassy of Indonesia (KBRI) in London to attend the Sundanese Culture Center opening at the Manchester Univeristy. So, Emil asked Saung Angklung Udjo team to perform in that event. 

    Meanwhile, in Sweden, Emil is scheduled to attend Indonesian Festival that is held by Embassy of Indonesia (KBRI) in Stockholm. In that festival, West Java will hold an exhibition. The exhibition will present a variety of unique craft products from Tanah Pasundan. 

    “At this festival, West Java is given a booth as the main booth to fill creative economy and culture. We also bring art delegations which are quite  large too,” he said.

    Besides, in Sweden, Emil will follow up the cooperation with IKEA regarding craft products of West Java to be sold at various IKEA stores. Emil also will meet with IKEA directors at the head office. 

    “The governor will persuade, in addition to Swedish products, IKEA can also collaborate, absorbing West Java products through curation and coaching from IKEA,” Dani said.

    “So, in this visit, there are aspects of economy, art  and culture. Also, there is an environment in an effort to suppress plastic waste from West Java,” he continued.
    According to the Regional Assistant of Economic and Development Sector of West Java province government regional secretariat Eddy IM Nasution, the work visit is one of the efforts to cooperate in various sectors. 

    “In Manchester, the governor of West Java was given an honor of being the speaker at the Peaceful Dialogue program in Manchester which was attended by various groups both from Manchester city and other areas around England,” he continued.

    During the work visit this time, Emil was accompanied by the head of West Java Culture and Tourism Office Dedi Taufik Kurohman, the Director of Bank Indonesia of West Java Regional Pribadi Santoso, the chairman of West Java Kadin Tatan Pria Sudjana, and The Mayor of Bogor Bima Arya. 

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