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    Developing Maritime Technology, Towards One Million Sovereign Fishermen


    SUKABUMI REGENCY - Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum accompanied Republic of Indonesia Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan in the Dismissal of Fishermen's Pilot Project for One Million Sovereign Fishermen Program at Ciwaru Fish Auction Place, Sukabumi Regency, Saturday (7/20 / 2019).

    The program was launched to maximize Indonesia's marine wealth potential. In 2019, the One Million Sovereign Fishermen Program targeted 300 regencies / cities located on the coast of Indonesia with a minimum number of participants of 300 thousand.

    Through the program, Luhut is optimistic that Indonesian fishermen, especially West Java, will begin digital literacy. One proof is TPI Online which has been operating in Sukabumi. He also said, the fishermen could access the internet while sailing 60 kilometers from the coast.

    "Transactions can be done later. The fishermen can start selling their fish or needs. It will be synchronized through Fish Mart," he said.

    Luhut also stated that his party was increasing Indonesia's sea potential. Moreover, at present, only 7.5 percent of marine wealth can be managed. In fact, Indonesia has a potential in the maritime sector of 1.3 trillion US dollars per year.

    The situation occurs because of two things, namely the lack of technology and the ability of fishermen to use relatively low technology. Therefore, in the One Million Sovereign Fishermen Program, there were training for 1,000 people, consisting of fishermen, RTs, management of fishing cooperatives, TPI officers, and fishermen coaches.

    One form of training is how to use the Fish On application. Fish On is an android-based application with features of fish theft, fish preservation, fish sales, communication of recording fish catches, panic buttons for requests for assistance in emergencies, electronic payment features, and daily needs shopping.

    If the program can be realized optimally, Luhut is optimistic that the economy of Indonesian fishermen will spin faster. In addition, the welfare of Indonesian fishermen has increased significantly.

    "Indonesia's economic development is highly regarded by the world. Moreover, with the potential of the sea that is very rich," he said.

    Besides Fish On, there are also sales and warehouse management applications for fishing cooperatives, online fish auction applications that connect TPI, fishermen and fish traders, as well as fish e-commerce sales website applications.

    Meanwhile, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said, the program could work if fishermen were actively involved. "West Java has a West Java vision of a Born Birth Champion, so the fishermen must also be champions," he said.

    "Fishermen must also have the will, so far we have only taken fish, but it has not been managed. With this application, it is expected that fishermen can take fish optimally and manage it well, "he continued.

    With the development of technology, Uu hopes that the work of fishermen will be helped which will affect the number of fish caught. The application is also useful until the process of selling and distributing fish caught by fishermen.

    "Mr. Coordinating Minister is responsive, for West Java, especially Sukabumi Regency, with this togetherness, we expect the success of One Million Sovereign Fishermen. Hopefully the one million fishermen program will run well," he said.

    Therefore, Uu invited fishermen to make the best use of the programs initiated by the Government. Because, everything that the government seeks is for the progress of the nation.

    Sukabumi Regent Marwan Hamami believes that technological development needs to be synchronized with the experiences or habits of local fishermen. "It must be synchronous between technology, tradition and natural conditions," he said.

    This is so that technology does not change drastically the pattern of work, or the tradition, the culture of local fishermen in sailing for fishing. So that fishermen can be sovereign without losing their identity. For the sake of the realization of the world maritime axis Indonesia.

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