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    Increasing the Reliability of Electricity, PLN Increases Power Supply of Substation in Karawang


    BANDUNG - PT PLN (Persero) Central Java Java Development Main Unit II (PLN UIP JBT II) in this case UPP JJBT 4 (Central Java Network Project Implementation Unit 4) managed to energize or provide power supply for the first time to the substation project 150 kV Parent (GI) KIIC II / Margakarya and 150 kV # 2 Bay Line GI 150 kV Pinayungan.

    The purpose of building the 150 kV KIIC II / Margakarya GI and Bay Line 2 Extension 150 kV Pinayungan GI is to supply electricity to premium customers of the Karawang International Industrial City (KIIC) industrial area as well as future industrial and residential development.

    Of the total 653 premium customers in West Java, 34.4% are in the KIIC Premium Region or as many as 224 customers. In addition, this GI is also to supply electricity in the Industrial Estate in the Karawang Regency and its surrounding areas which continues to grow.
    The UPP JJBT 4 manager, Zaky Adikta, said that although there were obstacles in the course of its implementation, PLN could accelerate and finish before the duration of the contract expired.

    The completion of the construction of a fast substation is expected to provide a stimulus for factory plants to operate immediately and continue to grow so that the industrial world is increasingly passionate which can have an impact on the availability of new jobs.

    "Energizing this proves to potential investors that PLN is capable and reliable in distributing electricity to industrial estates and factory factories in Indonesia," he said through a PLN press release on Friday (7/19).

    Meanwhile, West Java's electricity supply is currently 9,442 MW with a peak load of around 7,101 MW. Therefore there is still an electricity supply of 2,341 MW which investors can use to invest in building a factory in West Java.

    As of June 2019, the number of PLN customers in West Java UID reached 861,744 customers with electricity consumption throughout the cumulative year 2019 until June 2019 is 3,031,304,182 kWh. Where the most contributors are industrial customers whose electricity consumption throughout the year 2019 cumulative until June 2019 reaches 2,210,603,798 kWh. Jo

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