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    ITB Graduated 1,760 Graduates on Graduation in July 2019


    BANDUNG - Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) held the Third Graduation Open Session of ITB Academic Year 2018/2019 at Sasana Budaya Ganesha Building (Sabuga) on Friday (7/19/2019). In the open session, the Rector of ITB graduated as many as 1,760 graduates from the Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral Programs.

    Graduation was held in three sessions over two days, namely on 19 and 20 July 2019 with 1,148 graduates of the Bachelor Program, 575 Masters Program graduates, and 37 Doctoral Program graduates.

    For the FITB, FSRD, FTMD, FTSL, SAPPK, and SITH Bachelor Programs, the graduation procession will be held on Friday, July 19, and then on the second day, Saturday, July 20, 2019 two graduation sessions will be held. The morning session was a graduation for the Undergraduate Program of FMIPA, FTTM, FTI, SBM, SF, and STEI while the afternoon session was held for Masters and Doctoral programs for all Faculties / Schools.

    At this graduation, ITB Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ir. Kadarsah Suryadi, DEA., Gave a speech on the Role of ITB in Disaster Mitigation and Risk Reduction to Build a Culture of Resilient Disasters. As is known, the country of Indonesia is not only rich in natural resources but also has the potential for sources of threats of various disasters.

    "Since our beloved country is located in an area rich in natural resources but also prone to the threat of natural disasters, it is necessary to involve all stakeholders in filling gaps in existing disaster risk reduction efforts," said the rector in the ITB press release, Friday.

    The Chancellor explained, the various disaster events that hit Indonesia were a challenge for ITB as a foundation in formulating policies and direction of research. ITB has designed advanced technology to be able to solve challenges including setting infrastructure, disaster mitigation, and territory to become one of the focus and research agenda.

    Some of the studies that have been carried out by ITB include identification, analysis and mapping of geological hazards (earthquakes, landslides, volcanoes and tsunamis) and hydro-meteorological hazards (floods, droughts, hurricanes, rising sea levels).

    Furthermore, it is also carried out hard science studies up to soft science studies in the form of vulnerability and risk studies, damage / mapping studies, and formulation of disaster risk mitigation action plans that are more practical and easy to implement.

    "These studies are carried out by laboratories and research centers in ITB with the mission of accelerating the ability of ITB to produce superior research works," said the Chancellor.

    At this graduation, ITB also graduated 21 international students from various study programs and came from 15 countries namely Cambodia, China, Czechia, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Libya, Pakistan, Rwanda, East Timor, Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania, and Vietnam. "It is an honor and happiness for ITB because it can share knowledge and knowledge with international students," said the Chancellor.

    To the graduates, the Chancellor advised that wherever they will work and work, they should be ready to become innovators and pioneers of development, to be a place to ask questions, and be ready to advance the development and improvement of the welfare of society, the nation and the homeland. "Don't expect instant results, plan and live everything diligently and earnestly. Of course there will be obstacles, challenges, but keep trying and don't forget to pray," he ordered. Jo

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