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    West Java Government Will Build and Revitalize A Number of Infrastructure Projects in Depok


    DEPOK CITY- West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) will build and revitalize a number of infrastructure projects in Depok City, such as Dewi Sartika Underpass, Citayam Station arrangement, Sp. Tole Iskandar to Sp. Pondok Rajeg, and arrangement of Rawakalong Situ.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said, in 2019 Detail Engineering Design (DED) of Dewi Sartika Underpass will be made. Meanwhile, the construction of the construction will begin in 2020.

    "This year we are preparing a draft DED for the completion of congestion at Jalan Dewi Sartika to make underpasses," he said when met after holding a meeting with Depok Mayor Mohammad Idris at Depok City Hall, Jl. Margonda Raya, Depok City, Thursday (07/18/2019).

    "The picture (DED) of the current year is done in 2020. God willing, if it is launched," he continued.

    According to Emil - thus Ridwan Kamil was addressed -, his side together with Depok City Government will finalize the arrangement of the Citayam Station. Regarding the arrangement of a number of sites in Depok, the West Java Provincial Government will begin managing Rawakalong Situ with a budget of around Rp 30 billion.

    With a number of arrangements there, Emil hopes that the number of tourist destinations will increase and the Regional Original Income (PAD) of Depok City from the tourism sector will increase.

    "We believe that Depok is a city that needs tourism places. In addition (the community) does not stress it can also increase revenue," he said.

    "Because if we observe Depok, this is the only city that has the most lakes. Only if it's not useful, baby. We start in Rawakalong," he continued.

    DQR and Hospital Care

    In addition to discussing various infrastructure projects, we also discussed the creation of the Depok Quick Response (DQR) team and the Layad Rawat program. Emil requested that the Depok City Government immediately make a DQR. This is done to respond quickly to Depok residents who are in need of various social assistance.

    "If Depok residents have difficulties, we can do help quickly via social media. His troops (DQR officers) from Mr. Guardian (Mayor of Depok) and aid funds from the Governor (West Java Provincial Government)," he said.

    "There is also a program from our Layad Rawat, which is a doctor who visits poor people in Depok City. So, Depok residents will just stay on the phone, from us free medical assistance at a provincial fee (West Java Provincial Government)," he continued.

    In addition, waste management is not escaped from the discussion. To deal with the waste problem, Emil decided that Depok City could use Nambo TPPAS in Bogor Regency. However, he asked the Depok City Government to first coordinate with the Bogor Regency Government.

    "The permit (utilization of Nambo) has already been mine. It is being formulated technically, because the location is not in Depok, it is in Bogor. Then it must 'knock the door' first to Mrs. Ade Yasin (Regent of Bogor). it is being worked on, "he said.

    "In essence, in these months, if the technique is safe, the garbage in Depok can be disposed to Nambo," Emil closed.

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