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    Uu said, Paying Taxes that are easy, cheap and fast can boost regional income


    BANDUNG CITY - The Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) of West Java continues to innovate to boost regional income. This was conveyed by the Deputy Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, in the National Working Meeting (Rakernas) of the Indonesian Provincial Revenue Agency (Bapenda) entitled 'Optimizing Regional Taxes' at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Bandung, Thursday (07/18/2019).

    According to the Act, West Java's Bapenda itself has received many awards from various institutions for innovation and achievements. The latest innovation is Samsat J’bret or West Java Samsat 'Ngabret.'

    The program is an innovation and collaboration of the West Java Samsat Development Team to facilitate taxpayers when making annual motor vehicle tax payments.

    Through these services, the annual PKB payment of West Java Province West Java Regional Police can now be carried out at the Polsek, Indomaret, Alfa Mart, Alfa Midi, through financial technology such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak and Kaspro.

    "The point is that we make it easier for people to pay taxes, we create innovations so that paying taxes is easy, cheap and fast," said Uu.

    Even so, Uu said there were still many targets to be achieved regarding regional revenues. At present, the number of vehicle tax arrears reaches approximately 30 percent of the total taxpayer. For this reason, there is a need for cooperation between law enforcement officials, such as the pattern of joint operations with the Samsat Advisory Team, to effectively present a tax compliance attitude.

    In addition, said Uu, tax personnel themselves must provide excellent service and diligently disseminate information to the public regarding taxation. "Communication with the community is key, one of which can be active in the digital universe," Uu said.

    "Don't use the old style, it must be fast, service, prime, easy and fast. God willing, regional income will increase from year to year," he added.

    The regional income from the taxation sector becomes important and strategic to support development in order to achieve public welfare.

    According to the Head of Bapenda of West Java Province, Hening Widiatmoko, the National Coordination Meeting held will discuss the strategy of increasing local taxes to support development.

    Discussed are related to basic calculation of motor vehicle tax, PKB, and Motor Vehicle Name Transfer Fee (BBN-KB), fulfillment of surface water tax, and a number of other current topics.

    "The National Working Meeting also aims to equalize perceptions between the center and the regions so that regional development planning is oriented to the entire program and success in accordance with the plan," said Hening.

    In addition to the Bapenda structural officials from various provinces in Indonesia, the Director of Regional Revenue of the Directorate General of Regional Finance of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Hendrawan was present.

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