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    'Stop Bullying', Atalia Invites Victims Not to Fear of Reporting


    BANDUNG CITY- Bullying is an act of harming, harming or intimidating another person by using physical violence, psychological violence or verbal violence.

    According to data from the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI), the number of cases of education in Indonesia as of May 30, 2018 is 161 cases, with details; 23 child victims of brawl or 14.3 percent, 31 cases of brawl children or 19.3 percent, 36 victims of violence and bullying, or 22.4 percent, 41 cases of violence and bullying, or 25.5 percent, and child victims of policy (extortion, exclusion from school, may not take exams, and drop out of school) as many as 30 cases or 18.7 percent.

    In response to this phenomenon, the Mother of Literacy of West Java Province, Atalia Praratya Kamil, said that schools must be a safe and comfortable place for students.

    Because, according to Atalia, Indonesian children are still not free from acts of violence, including mocking and ridicule behavior towards friends who are included in the realm of bullying.

    "This case (bullying) should be a concern for all of us because this case can have a tremendous effect, there are people who are depressed to suicide," Atalia said after attending the Be Positive Fest Vol. 1 'Stop Bullying' at SMAN 8 Bandung, Wednesday (07/17/19).

    "This is of concern to us all, so that Indonesian children are not only physically fit, but also mentally healthy. This healthy mind can also prevent them from feeling depressed, threatened, and uncomfortable," he said.

    Atalia also advised all students to understand bullying because it could be triggered from trivial things. If it has already happened, students are expected to immediately report to the relevant parties namely the school and parents and other parties who are perceived to be able to help resolve the problem.

    "Data from KPAI alone has 161 cases, those who report, imagine those who did not report. Or maybe they did not know that what they experienced was bullying," said Atalia.

    "When they reported, there was a lot that could be done, (including) whether it was coaching or doing trauma healing for the victims," ??he concluded.

    Meanwhile, according to Kapolrestabes Bandung City, Kombespol Irman Sugema, bullying cases in schools have been very troubling, especially at the high school level.

    Irman explained that 160 thousand students per day skip school to avoid bullying, 80 percent of students in grades 4 to 11 are victims of bullying in school, and 10 percent of students change schools to avoid bullying.

    "This data is certainly unsettling. Many children and adolescents are still looking for identity by bullying friends of their age or junior, so that the school atmosphere becomes uncomfortable for their friends or perpetrators themselves," Irman said.

    He added that even now there are a lot of juvenile delinquency which starts from bullying behavior, some of which deal with legal issues and become criminal acts.

    "If we legally have legal articles that regulate matters related to acts such as physical violence or other things," Irman said.

    "I appeal to the school as well as the students, let us stop bullying, we build the young generation towards Golden Indonesia to be a positive generation by doing positive things, so that the younger generation is expected to be ready for the glorious future," he concluded.

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