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    Potential of IDR 26 Trillion Zakat Can Resolve Problems of Poverty in West Java


    GARUT REGENCY- The results of research at the Center for Strategic Studies (Puskas) of the National Amil Zakat Agency (Baznas) show the potential of national zakat to reach Rp 233.8 trillion per year.

    While the potential of zakat in West Java Province which reaches Rp. 26.845 trillion per year is the third largest number in Indonesia after DKI Jakarta and East Java Provinces.

    Responding to this, Deputy3 of the Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, said that the awareness of the West Java community to pay zakat each year continues to increase.

    West Java Baznas (Jabar) itself calls the collection of zakat in West Java each year to increase between 25% to 30%.

    "Zakat in West Java is very potential, so it needs to be managed properly to solve problems," Uu said when met after opening the 3rd Gebyar Festival of Zakat and Regional Work Meeting (Rekerda) Baznas West Java in Garut Regency Hall Building, Wednesday (07/17 / 19).

    In addition to public awareness, continued Uu, there must be a little element of coercion to pay zakat especially to the State Civil Apparatus (ASN).

    The policy has been carried out by the West Java Provincial Government which cuts part of its ASN salary to be paid zakat. Uu also appealed to 27 regional heads in West Java to do the same as in the West Java Provincial Government.

    "We have made the Governor Regulation (Governor Regulation) for the ASN and as announced at Eid al-Fitr yesterday, the receipt of zakat is Rp. 300 billion," Uu said.

    "Later I will convey it to Mr. Emil (Ridwan Kamil). There must be an emphasis on the regional head to make rules for the ASN obliging to pay zakat deducted from salary. Like in Garut, Rp 2.5 billion per month thanks to the courage of the regional head," he added.

    The potential of West Java Province zakat amounting to Rp. 26.845 trillion per year is almost close to the amount (Regional Revenue and Expenditure) of the West Java Regional Budget which reaches more than Rp. 34 trillion.

    If managed optimally, Chairman of the West Java Baznas, Arif Ramdani, said the potential of zakat could alleviate poverty in West Java.

    "Hopefully we can optimize this potential so that we can help alleviate poverty and support the vision of West Java to be born physically," said Arif Ramdani.

    He also mentioned that the 3rd Gebyar Festival Zakat in the West Java Baznas Regional Working Meeting series aims to strengthen commitment in carrying out the mandate of zakat management in order to achieve poverty alleviation goals.

    "Also to consolidate the potential of zakat in Baznas 27 districts and cities," he said.

    Meanwhile, the Baznas Jabar financial report that was followed by 80% of city and district Baznas from 2015-2018 was audited and received a Fair Without Exception (WTP) opinion. In the institution, West Java Baznas has also received A accreditation from the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia.

    "Public trust in us has also been proven by the achievement of a pioneer award for zakat-based ummah economic pride," Arif concluded.

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