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    Through JIF, West Java Government Finds Young Aspirants


    BANDUNG CITY- Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil gave a briefing to participants of the West Java Innovation Fellowship (JIF) in Gedung Sate, Bandung, Wednesday (07/17/2019).

    JIF is an internship program initiated by the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) to provide space for the younger generation to contribute to the nation's development. Later, the younger generation will be involved in the development and implementation of strategic West Java programs.

    "Relevant ideas are needed at this time. JIF is one of the efforts to make West Java face Indonesia, so it will be at the forefront," Emil said - so Ridwan Kamil was called -.

    According to Emil, currently, West Java Regional Government is committed to implementing Bureaucracy 3.0 or dynamic bureaucracy that is responsive, adaptive, innovative, open, and professional in serving West Java citizens.

    Meanwhile, JIF itself is one example of the application of the theory of pentahelix (elements of the government, society or community, academics, entrepreneurs, and the media). Which other parties outside the government can contribute to the development of West Java.

    "For that, the West Java Provincial Government offers internship opportunities for students and young professionals to contribute to West Java," he said.

    "Let's be more competitive, let's take a solution, let's innovate, let's accelerate," he continued.

    In addition, Emil said that the aim of the JIF was to look for young aspirants who had ideas for building the nation. During JIF, participants can learn leadership knowledge by attending official meeting activities.

    Emil also hopes that JIF can be the best place of education to prepare and sharpen the young generation to become competent and professional innovators in the future. "Be an initiator, be an accelerator," he said.

    JIF is divided into 16 Sub-Fields according to the needs of the Pemdaprov West Java. Then, as many as 30 selected participants will be assigned to the Sub-Sector during the fellowship period from 1 July to 1 November 2019.

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