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    The Board Asked to Carefully Review the Closing Plan of One Regional-Owned Enterprises


    BANDUNG - Chairperson of Ineu Province of West Java DPRD Purwadewi Sundari assessed that the planned closure of Regional-Owned Enterprises (BUMD) must be done through serious studies.

    Ineu said that based on the notes presented, it was an evaluation of each commission in the discussion of the Draft Regulation on the Responsibility for the Implementation of the Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget (P2APBD).

    "The note is not only this time delivered, when the Governor of LKPJ we conveyed that the arrangement of BUMD is a mandatory thing done by the Government of West Java," Ineu told reporters in Bandung on Wednesday (07/17/2019)

    He added, West Java has quite a lot of BUMD but until now only the new BUMD Finance has provided a progress report.

    "Where the purpose of BUMD is not only to absorb labor but also to provide dividends to local governments, all of which are used for the benefit of the community," he said.

    Furthermore, his party continued to provide support, and studies of BUMD to progress. So what is planned by this new government, BUMD Champion can be realized.

    "In P2APDB there are several records that really need to be followed up by the provincial government. I request that this study is truly and truly true for these BUMDs, because when there are BUMDs that are losing money and doing closure (BUMD) it must be done with good steps because it is related to labor and so on, "he explained

    Ineu hopes that the revitalization and closure plan of the BUMD will be discussed by the Regional Government with the DPRD in order to examine the overall BUMD in West Java.

    "When establishing, capital participation until the operation of the BUMD is carried out jointly so that this must be carried out in-depth studies which should be carried out such as revitalization or until the closure action must be coordinated and communicated with the DPRD. Because we also have records of BUMD on the results of our supervision, "he explained. Jo

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