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    Defending Farmers, Uu Messages Three Things


    TASIKMALAYA CITY- Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum revealed 3 things about agriculture in West Java, namely the matter of irrigation, infrastructure and agricultural extension. Uu spoke in front of farmer representatives throughout West Java who gathered in commemoration of the Agricultural Krida Day to 47 West Java levels, in the City of Tasikmalaya, Tuesday (07/16/2019).

    "If there is irrigation that is damaged and that is the authority of the province, we will immediately repair it, and please inform as soon as possible if something is broken. If the irrigation is to maintain the authority of the city district, we will also help" explained Uu.

    Uu also said about infrastructure that supports agriculture such as connecting roads and others.

    "We will also improve if there are damaged roads that support agriculture for agricultural product distribution, etc. Damaged roads will make distribution stagnate and indirectly increase production costs," he explained.

    Finally Uu advised the farmers to always adhere to the advice of agricultural extension workers in the field.

    "Always obey and follow the directions of the instructors, such as planting time, what types of plants can be planted related to the season, etc. The term is brand-new," said Uu.

    Commemoration of Agricultural Krida Day to 47 levels of West Java Province in the City of Tasikmalaya was attended by Mayor Tasik Budi Budiman, regents and mayors throughout West Java and also representatives of the West Java DPRD. In this activity, various superior results from the city's district agriculture were included, including sophisticated agricultural tools. (Even)

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