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    Bosscha Observatory Commemorates 50 Years of Landing on the Moon


    BANDUNG - Bosscha Observatory Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) held a 50th Anniversary Open House Commemoration on the Moon on Saturday (07/13/2019) at Bosscha Observatory Complex, Bintang Observing Street, Lembang, West Java. The event which was held from 16.00 - 21.00 WIB was aimed at providing education to the public regarding knowledge about astronomy.

    Every year, the Bosscha Observatory Open House ITB activities present a theme, this time the theme raised is "On The Moon Again."

    According to the Head of Observatory Bosscha, Premana W. Premadi, Ph.D., through the theme, it is expected that the public can know the history and phenomena that exist on the moon. This activity also commemorates the 100th Anniversary of the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

    "The hope is that the community is happy with this event because it contains elements of education carried out in open and comfortable areas like this, then also equipped with educational games for children. Furthermore, it can give the impression that it is hoped that curiosity and learning will emerge, "said the ITB Astronomy lecturer.

    The event was organized with various interactive activities. Among them are Corner Educative Games, Visit to Zeiss Double Refractor Telescope, Astronomers Ask Corner, Moon and Sky Observation, and Astronomy Public Lecture. The general lecture on astronomy also consisted of two sessions namely a public lecture entitled "Exploration of the Moon" by Evan Irawan Akbar, M.Sc. and "Return to The Moon" by Ferry M. Simatupang, M.Sc.

    He also hopes that this event can be interpreted by the younger generation present, to know more about matters related to science, technology, and also the determination to struggle. As a reflection of 50 years ago humans had a strong determination and effort to achieve their goals towards the moon with science and technology at that time.

    Through this event, Nana, nicknamed Premana W. Premadi, also hopes to show that in truth an astronomer or scientist is not only busy doing research, but also can plunge into the community to provide education as was done in this activity.

    According to him, Bosscha Observatory which is directly under the Astronomy Study Program, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, ITB can make this event a place for students to contribute in providing education to the public.

    He added, this activity was routinely carried out from April to October with the number of implementation four times each month on certain days. The event was also filled with staff and students who had previously attended training. This activity is carried out open to the general public is limited and free of charge. The guests present were invitations, the majority of which were surrounding communities and the general public

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