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    Regional Secretary Releases 58 Scouts Elected to America and the Netherlands


    BANDUNG CITY - West Java Regional Secretary released 58 members of the West Java Regional Quartir in Gedung Sate West Hall, Bandung City, Tuesday (7/16/19), to represent Indonesia at two international scouts at once.

    The first event of the 24th World Scout Jamboree 2019, which will be held in the United States from July 22 to August 2, 2019. While the second event is Haalem Jamborette 2019 at Sparnwoude Recreational Area, Netherlands, from July 24 to August 4, 2019.

    Iwa appreciated the departure of a contingent consisting of 58 selected scouts. The hope is that the West Java scout contingent can explore the knowledge and knowledge of the two venues so that they are better prepared to face harsh global competition.

    In global competition, he said, mastery of science and technology is crucial, in addition to mental steel to navigate the competition. "What requires people who are highly knowledgeable and have a warrior spirit," said Iwa after releasing the West Java Kwarda Contingent

    "Later the contingents were able to spread the kindness that came from local West Java, especially local wisdom. "Related to manners, please help with others and a friendly attitude that does not eliminate his firmness," he continued.

    Iwa asked for all the experiences and life sciences that were absorbed for several days during the two events, so that they would be transmitted to friends and family in the nearest environment.

    "So that not only is he advanced, not only is he smart and intelligent because he has experience in the USA and the Netherlands, but also can transmit his knowledge. Then simultaneously it is like the wave of progress of our young people in West Java, "he said.

    Meanwhile, Deputy Chairperson of the Kwarda Bina Muda Division of the West Java Scout Movement, Eka Haryanto, said the 24th World Scout Jamboree of the United States was precisely located at The Summit of the Bechtel Family National Sout Reserve, West Virginia. While activities in the Netherlands will take place at Sparnwoude Recreational Area. (*)

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