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    Modern Tools and Designed Agricultural Vocational Schools Produce Millennial Farmers


    TASIKMALAYA CITY - West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) will renew traditional farming tools to more modern ones. The establishment of agricultural Vocational Schools in all districts / cities is believed to be able to give birth to millennial farmers.

    Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum was met after opening the 47th anniversary of the Agricultural Krida Day at the West Java level, one of the reasons young people do not want to farm because they are reluctant to be dirty and embarrassed. Therefore, modern, practical and efficient farming tools are needed by them.

    "We will provide modern agricultural tools because one of the reasons young people do not want to farm is because of dirty and other fears. With modern farming tools, it will be millennial attraction to the world of agriculture," said Uu at Dadaha Field, Tasikmalaya City, Tuesday (16 / 7/19).

    Another effort is to build more agricultural vocational schools. The plan, the West Java Provincial Government will build each one of the Vocational Schools in each of the 27 districts / cities in West Java. According to Uu, millennial farmers also need to embrace the knowledge and application of agricultural technology as their provision.

    "Every region in West Java must have at least one agricultural vocational school," said Uu.

    West Java as a national rice barn and self-sufficient food can attract millennials to plunge into the world of agriculture. According to the Deputy Governor, currently farmers are generally elderly, for that there needs to be regeneration of farmers. Uu hopes that parents will also encourage their children to become farmers.

    "In order to want to farm I ask parents who are farmers to help their children also be encouraged to become farmers but with good technology and science so that they can boost agricultural products. If the father becomes a farmer, continue to have four children, at least one child becomes a farmer," he said.

    On the 47th anniversary of Agricultural Krida Day in West Java with the theme "Realizing Millennial Farmers towards West Java Born Hatin Champion", there were titles of agricultural products, regional superior products, agricultural technology titles, speeches and three days of agriculture competitions. On that occasion the Deputy Governor of Uu gave awards to outstanding farmers and Gapoktan achievers.

    Perda Sawah Abadi Regulates Potential Rice Fields

    Although infrastructure development continues to be accelerated, it does not necessarily erode agricultural land, especially rice fields. West Java West Java Provincial Government continues to commit to guarding rice fields, one of which is strengthened by local regulations (perda) of eternal rice fields.

    West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said, the regulation would automatically encourage the birth of new fields. "We will make new fields," he said.

    His party also encouraged the second level regions to also issue Sawah Abadi Regional Regulation so that agriculture was maintained and development continued.

    "The existence of perennial rice field regulations that already existed at the provincial level also encouraged the district level to make the regulation. In some districts it did, thank God, succeeded and cooperated with the TNI. Printing new rice fields was the solution," explained the Deputy Governor.

    In addition, the regional spatial plan (RTRW) in the regency and municipal government should be revised if the construction erodes the rice fields. The two regulations, according to the Deputy Governor, will be a fortress to maintain food self-sufficiency.

    "The RTRW Regional Regulation was revised so that people who would build it were not in potential paddy fields. So these two regulations would be resolved if there were already available to be maximized," he concluded.

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