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    West Java Poor Population is Decreased to 140 Thousand People


    BANDUNG - West Java Central Statistics Agency (BPS) said that in March 2019, the number of poor people (population with per capita expenditure per month below the poverty line) in West Java has decreased by around 140.2 thousand people.

    "There was a decline, from 3.54 million people or 7.25 percent of the population of West Java, in September 2018, to 3.39 million people or 6.91 percent in March 2019," said Head of BPS West Java Dodi Herlando on Monday (15 / 7/2019).

    It was stated, the Poverty Line (GK) of West Java increased by 3.99 percent from Rp.371,376, per capita per month in September 2018 to Rp. 386,198; per capita per month.

    The role of food commodities on the poverty line is still far greater than the role of non-food commodities. In total, the role of GK food commodities was 72.94 percent. This figure increases if compared to the September 2018 situation which amounted to 72.45 percent.

    On the other hand, the Poverty Depth Index (P1) and the Index of Poverty Severity (P2) both show a downward trend. Poverty Depth Index (P1) fell from 1.134 to 1.095 or fell by 0.039 points. Whereas the Poverty Severity Index (P2) fell from 0.265 to 0.241 or decreased by 0.024 points.

    The Gini Ratio value also decreased, from 0.405 to 0.402. If seen by region, the value of the Gini Ratio in urban areas has decreased to 0.410 from 0.413 in the previous period and in regions in rural areas it has increased from 0.315 to 0.319. Jo

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