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    Dekranasda is Commitment to Bring West Java Craft to the International Level


    WEST BANDUNG REGENCY - All or 27 regencies / cities of West Java have the wealth and characteristics of their respective crafts. This is a qualified capital to realize the craft of West Java that is competitive and has high economic value in the international arena.

    This was conveyed by General Chairperson of West Java Province Dekranasda Atalia Praratya Kamil when opening the Regional Handicraft Council (Dekranasda) in West Java at the Mason Pine Hotel, Padalarang, West Bandung Regency, Monday (7/15/19).

    "How fortunate we are to be Indonesian, especially West Java, so many crafts that we can get in Tanah Parahyangan from the west to the east end are amazingly full of natural beauty and diverse craft," he said.

    "I see each (district / city) has the potential that currently only needs to be explored, requested, and recorded. Our duty is all in the Dekranasda house in each district / city to maintain and preserve it," Atalia added.

    According to him, handicrafts are the ancestral heritage of the ancestors. So that this cultural product must be maintained and the existence and quality of its products must be maintained, so that it will always be a legacy that is able to provide livelihood for all residents of West Java and also become the identity of future generations.

    In the meeting entitled "Synergy of the Dekranasda Program in West Java in the Development of Quality Craft Products", Atalia hoped that each Regency / City could provide aspirations that could encourage and boost West Java craft products to be able to grow and develop.

    "In this year's Regional Meeting the priority is the synergy of the program. There are many programs that we need to cooperate with. In the near future we will carry out activities that can be collaborated together, both domestic and foreign promotions, in Dekranasda stores including programs coaching for craftsmen at the district / city level, "explained Atalia.

    "In the future, we can do the synergy of this program together for an activity that feels more beneficial both for business people and society and encourages tourism," he said.

    In line with Atalia, the Head of the West Java Province of Industry and Trade who is also Chairman of the West Java Dekranasda Daily Arifin Soedjayana said that his party would continue to support the Dekranasda West Java program, whether it was or would take place later.

    One of them is by developing the Dekranasda store which currently can boost the competitiveness of West Java handicraft products and create craft products with local wisdom with an international flavor.

    "The vision of Dekranasda West Java Province's mission is clear, it wants to develop the quality of craftsmen's human resources in West Java to be innovative through collaboration with other institutions," he said.

    "With this we will continue to strive to support the Dekranasda program, one of which is by increasing the quality and quantity of the store so that it continues to become a tourist attraction. So that the economy of West Java can be even better," continued Arifin.

    In this 2019 Working Meeting, it is expected that the vision and mission, the main tasks of each field, work program and activity schedule for 2019 and the coming years, can all be collaborated with work programs in their respective Cities and Districts, so as to help improve the economy craft SMEs and other creative products in West Java through Dekranasda in each region.

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