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    Host of Porpamnas, West Java Determined Hattrick as General Champion


    BANDUNG CITY - After winning the overall championship twice, West Java is again determined to be the third overall champion at the National Drinking Water Company Sports Week (Porpamnas) VI in 2019. West Java's step is considered not too difficult because in Porpamnas VI it acts as host.

    Held at several venues in Bandung City and Regency, the PDAM plumber sports week was held for three days. Minister of Youth and Sports Imam Nahwari directly opened Porpamnas VI at Sasana Budaya Ganesh ITB, Bandung, Monday (7/15/19).

    Also accompanied, Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, Regent of Bandung Dadang Naser and Deputy Mayor of Bandung Yana Mulyana.

    The Deputy Governor of Uu appreciated the Porpamnas event in addition to entertainment as well as a gathering place for PDAM employees. "With this activity, we know each other and lead to unity and unity," said Uu.

    West Java has won the title twice in a row at this biennial sporting event, namely in Porpamnas IV 2015 in Surabaya and Porpamnas V 2017 in Lombok.

    "Hopefully, we can win again at the National Police Office this year," Uu said.

    2019 Porpamnas IV was attended by 959 participants from 31 provinces. Consisting of 622 athletes, 226 official and 140 contingent administrators. Sports contested include futsal, field tennis, table tennis, volleyball, chess, badminton and golf.

    Menpora Imam Nahrawi encouraged other agencies to hold similar events. Because according to him, there is a possibility that potential athletes will be born who can scent Indonesia.

    "Hopefully new athletes will be born for Indonesia, so we encourage all agencies to conduct sports events like this," said the Menpora.

    He also hopes that the Association of Drinking Water Companies throughout Indonesia (Perpamsi) as the organizers will initiate Porpamnas with higher levels such as ASEAN or Asia levels.

    "I received a report from the chairman of the Perpamsi. There will be an event for the association of world water companies. I hope that the initiation will initiate a world sporting event attended by the plumber worldwide and where it can be in West Java because the Governor is very responsive," he said.

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