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    West Java Government Finalizes PPK-BLUD Tahura


    BANDUNG CITY - The Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) of West Java continues to finalize the Financial Management Pattern of the Regional Public Service Agency (PPK-BLUD) of the Forest Park (Tahura). This was stated by Iwa Karniwa Regional Secretary in Gedung Sate, Bandung, Monday (7/15/2019).

    "From the existing developments, our prediction by the PPK-BLUD is made possible that this Tahura will not become a burden to the Regional Budget. But, it will be a center of profit, because it can be cooperated with other parties and the environment is well maintained, "he said.

    In addition, Iwa said that the main target of the PPK-BLUD was to improve the welfare of the surrounding community. One way is to optimize all economic activities in the Tahura region.

    "For example, for example, parking. Because it is likely that later it will be packaged in such a way that later the elements of agrarian tourism (forestry) will increase in the future, "he said.

    According to Iwa, there are several potentials for Tahura which, although developed. In addition to improving the forestry side, even Tahura's governance must get attention. If this can be realized, then the income of the surrounding community can increase. Because, Tahura will not only be the lungs of the city, but also become an attractive tourist destination.

    In order to make it happen, said Iwa, there are four aspects that are of concern to the West Java Provincial Government, namely improving the environment, utilizing assets, improving regional finance, and catapulting people's welfare.

    "Because once there is increased economic activity, there will be tens or even hundreds of activities to follow," he said.

    On the same occasion, Iwa asked BPKAD West Java Province to conduct an evaluation. "Hopefully all of this will be finished in July. So that later the process of implementing the PPK-BLUD in August or September can run, "he said.

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