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    About the involvement of the TNI in MPLS, West Java Deputy Governor: Embed Nationalism


    CIMAHI CITY - Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum assessed the involvement of the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) in the Period of Introduction to the School Environment (MPLS) can foster a sense of nationalism and patriotism among students. According to him, in addition to the introduction of the school environment, in MPLS there must also be strengthening national values, partriotism, nationalism, and Pancasila.

    "There must be an understanding of the State Principles of the Pancasila. If it is the same with the TNI, it will usually be more effective," he said in Cimahi City on Monday (7/15/2019).

    Uu said that the involvement of the TNI in MPLS was also effective in training students' discipline. He also ensured, in its implementation, the TNI did not implement military methods. "A sense of discipline, responsibility, and concern will grow because of being trained," he said.

    Uu also highlights the development of information technology today, especially on social media, which is feared to be able to undermine the values ??of Pancasila and the young generation of nationalism. "This is very important. Because I am worried that young people now do not understand Pancasila, who know only social media, while the Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution are unknown to them," he said.

    In addition, said Uu, the involvement of the TNI in MPLS can anticipate the entry of radicalism. "It is precisely that the TNI strengthens. Do not let any students be supported by understanding radicalism. Hopefully it can be anticipated by assistance from the TNI," he concluded.

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