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    275 kV Electricity Toll Road As long as 2834 kms in Sumatra is completed


    JAKARTA - PLN has completed the construction of electricity infrastructure, known as the Sumatera Electricity Toll Road, in the form of 275 kiloVolt (KV) Extra High Voltage Air Channels, which is a back bone for electricity distribution from the Southern Sumatra System to North Sumatra or vice versa.

    "With the existence of 275 kV * Sumatran electricity toll road, Sumatra's * electricity reliability will increase and can reduce the basic cost of electricity production in Sumatra by 60 IDR / kWh.
    The 275 kV Electricity Toll is able to evacuate up to 350 MW of power from South Sumatra which is rich in Mine Mouth Power Plant to North Sumatra, "said Regional Sumatra Business Director Wiluyo Kusdwiharto through a press release on Monday (7/15/2019).

    Electricity toll road was declared feasible to operate after previously on Saturday, 29 June 2019 managed to obtain a Voltage-Worthy Recommendation (RLB) on 275 kV Extra High Voltage (SUTET) and Sumatra Electricity Highway stretching along the Lahat - Lubuk Linggau - Bangko - Muara Bungo line - Kiliranjao - Paya Kumbuh - Padang Sidempuan - Sarula - Simangkok - Galang - Binjai - Pangkalan Susu with a length of 2,834 kms.

    With the issuance of this feasible recommendation, it is a new milestone in the Electricity System in Indonesia, considering that this is the first time a 275 kV SETT has been operating from South Sumatra to North Sumatra which will also continue to Aceh and Lampung.

    The benefit of the Sumatra Electricity Toll Road is to evacuate low-cost electricity produced by mine mouth generators in South Sumatra to the north of Sumatra which will reduce electricity production costs (BPP) in Sumatra and increase reliability due to electricity interconnection from the South to North Sumatra.

    "With the existence of this electricity toll, the cost of providing (BPP) will be cheaper and Sumatra's electricity will be more reliable, because the coverage covers the entire island, so that the concern about lack of electricity supply can be overcome." added Wiluyo.

    With reliable electricity, it is expected to attract investors so that it can encourage the growth of medium and large industries in each province, PLN is always ready to serve industrial areas that require large electric power according to the location determined by the local government.

    In the future SUTET 275 kV will continue to be developed to the north to Aceh, which is currently finished with the construction of Galang - Pangkalan Susu, but is still prepared to get a decent voltage recommendation, while the Pangkalan Susu - Arun - Sigli - Aceh line is just under construction. Whereas for the south to Lampung, it is being built SUTET 275 kV which will pass Lahat - Muara Enim - Gumawang - Lampung.

    The completion of the electric toll road construction is inseparable from the assistance of all stakeholders, especially the community and regional leaders in Sumatra.

    "We express our gratitude for the assistance of the Governor, Regional Police Chief, Kajati and all staff and the community along the electricity toll road since the permit, land acquisition and ROW until the completion of the construction of the Sumatra electricity toll road," concluded Wiluyo. Jo

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