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    West Java Government and Blibli.com Commitment to Increase MSMEs


    BANDUNG CITY- The Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) of West Java continues to be committed to developing Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) as a pillar of economic growth. One of them is by collaborating with e-commerce by Blibli.com.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with PT. Global Digital Niaga which oversees Blibli.com related to Public Service Development and Enhancing Digital Economy in Planning and Implementation of West Java Development in Gedung Sate, Sunday (07/14/2019).

    According to Emil - thus Ridwan Kamil was addressed -, such cooperation is one form of development concept involving the government, society, businessmen, academics, and the media, or Pentahelix. He believes that West Java's collaborative development will be more optimal.

    "His goal is the same, so that a fair Indonesia can prosper together. I always believe in the theory of collaboration, not believing that it can progress quickly if individually, "he said.

    "We use Pentahelix, A-B-C-G-M, Academics, Business, Community, Government and Media theories. We are now examples of B and G united to produce a change, "he continued.

    On the same occasion, Emil revealed several weaknesses of the West Java community in entrepreneurship. According to him, the people of West Java, especially youth have ideas and ideas, but not all are able to execute these ideas and ideas.

    In addition, said Emil, there are West Java people who try to realize their ideas and ideas in entrepreneurship, but fail because of lack of insight.

    "The weakness of our children is that he has ideas, but not all can take off. Some take off, don't understand online, don't understand maintenance and eventually fail, that's a lot. So, if possible, then Blibli.com will create a forum that guides those who have good ideas but don't have the ability to start, "he said.

    Therefore, Pemdaprov West Java launched policies and programs to develop the MSME industry with a main focus on education, capital, infrastructure and also digital technology in the industrial era 4.0.

    The policy is in line with Blibli.com which has a high commitment to the development of MSMEs and local products made by the nation's children. So far, Blibli.com has helped 3,000 West Java MSMEs to go online in the second quarter of 2019, up 125% from the previous year.

    In addition, the number of products produced by West Java MSMEs also reached more than 100 thousand products. This number increased by 120% compared to the same period the previous year.

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Blibli.com Kusumo Martanto said, Pemdaprov West Java and Blibli.com have the same mission in developing UMKM, which in its realization cannot work alone, but requires cooperation from all stakeholders, including the government.

    "We from Blibli.com are honored by their trust and also cooperation with all agencies of the Government of West Java Province. We have the same mission to develop the digital economy, and also want to continue to bring these MSMEs into one of the pillars of economic development in Indonesia, "he said.

    "Frankly, to advance this UMKM cannot be implemented only by one party, all stakeholders must really work together," he continued.

    Kusumo hopes that the MoU will be a first step in collaboration with the West Java Provincial Government. According to him, there are many West Java Provincial Government programs that can be synergized with Blibli.com's program.

    "One day our dream is to bring MSMEs, hopefully from West Java first, to the global market," he said.

    Kusumo also stated that Blibli.com supports MSMEs through two main initiatives, namely The Big Start and the Indonesian Gallery. This year, The Big Start provided a total prize of Rp 1.3 billion which can be used as a business development model, providing various trainings, workshops, opening networking opportunities, and collaborating with professionals in their fields.

    After The Big Start, creative entrepreneurs will receive continued support through the Indonesian Gallery, a special category on the Blibli.com platform for local business products. Not only connecting MSMEs to the e-commerce ecosystem, Galeri Indonesia also provides knowledge about business capabilities for MSMEs.

    Through the Big Start roadshow in Bandung, Blibli.com as a local e-commerce company has again strengthened the partnership that has been established with the West Java Provincial Government in encouraging the advancement of MSMEs in the local market, even entering the international market.

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