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    Ciamis 377th Years, RK Determined to Return Coconut Centers to Tatar Galuh


    CIAMIS REGENCY - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil prepared many development programs in Ciamis Regency in the next five years. Including returning Ciamis as a coconut center in Indonesia.

    The priority programs are village development, infrastructure improvement, and increasing employment.

    "I have discussed with Ciamis Regent there are several programs in the five years that will be cooperated," Ridwan Kamil said after releasing participants of the Ciamis 377th Anniversary Healthy Walk on Ciamis Square on Sunday (07/14/19).

    The closest program in infrastructure is adding train station stops at a number of points. The addition of the train dismissal, according to him, will improve the economy of the Tatar Galuh community.

    RK, Ridwan Kamil's nickname, immediately lobbied PT Kereta Api Indonesia to make it happen. "Why was there a train station in Ciamis, because Ciamis was once the biggest coconut producer in Indonesia but now it has declined. Hopefully it will increase the train station so that the economy will increase," he said.

    Then, Cileunyi - Garut Tasikmalaya (Cigatas), which is planned to be extended to Cilacap, Central Java, will have a toll exit to Ciamis. It is known that RK has signed the Cigatas (Penlok) location determination and the project auction will be conducted this year.

    "Hopefully, two to three years will be completed later there will be a toll exit to Ciamis. Let's pray, the leader's task is to try the people's duty to pray for it," said RK.

    In the rural sector, RK is committed to building a digital village by installing free internet (wifi) networks, the One Village One Company (OVOC) program, one hafidz village, a tourist village and the Prosperous Economic Community (Mesra) Credit.

    "As a result of this village program 48 villages with underdeveloped status are now gone. A total of 530 developing villages have also become advanced. Please for villages that have the potential to submit to us," said RK.

    In the near future, he will also invite the Ciamis Regent with a number of Ciamis timber entrepreneurs to Gedung Sate, Bandung City. RK wants the wood industry in Ciamis not only to produce wood in the form of logs but also as furniture. So that it will absorb more labor.

    "Ciamis people don't just sell logs but there is a furniture industry that can add value to absorbing jobs for their youth," he explained.

    "I pray on this birthday that I hope that God will always bless and Ciamis become the most advanced regency in West Java," RK added.

    In a healthy walk program attended by thousands of people, RK was accompanied by Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul, Chair of the TP PKK West Java Atalia Praratya, and Ciamis Regent Herdiat Sunarya.

    Ciamis 377th Anniversary enlivened lion dance attractions and traditional Ciamis traditional arts. To the residents who came, RK gave four prizes for Umrah tickets.

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