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    West Java Deputy Governor Asked the Community to Coordinate with Local Government If There Are Social Problems


    CIAMIS REGENCY  - Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum visited one of the villages in Pacariman Subdistrict, Ciamis Regency, Saturday (07/13/19). There, Uu reviewed one of the residents' houses whose conditions were unfit for habitation.

    Previously, Uu received reports from social media via his personal account. One of the residents, a mother with four children named Dati in Sambung Jaya Hamlet RT 11 RW 05, Sukahurip Village, Pamarican Subdistrict, Ciamis Regency, lived in a house with uninhabitable conditions.

    On the sidelines of a working visit in Pangandaran Regency with Governor Ridwan Kamil to open the International Kite Festival and inaugurate the "SAHATE" Garbage Bank program Sorting Waste to Save Gold, Uu also directly reviewed the condition of the house.

    In response to the Village Head of Sukahurip and the Pamarican District Head, Uu immediately saw the house. His condition was indeed worrying, the roof tiles that had been rotted with the walls of the room, Dati's house had indeed been eaten by age. There are fears that the house could collapse if hit by strong winds or heavy rain.

    Moreover, Sukahurip Village was once one of the villages affected by the earthquake some time ago, so that the disaster worsened the condition of Dati's house. Uu mentioned his presence in Sukahurip Village as a form of government attention to its citizens.

    "We, the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) always try to be present when people need it. Including solutions to earthquake victims' assistance, it is not only here, but also in other places," he said.

    Uu also asked the residents or local government officials to coordinate with the sub-district government or district / city government, if they found a social problem like what Dati experienced. If there are citizen reports, as much as possible the government will find a solution. Moreover, currently West Java Provincial Government has a Jabar Quick Response (JQR) program.

    "Just communicating with the local government will communicate with us (West Java Provincial Government), God willing, there is a solution," Uu said.

    "Then, if not (there is a solution), later it will be encouraged by the presence of Jabar Quick Response. With JQR, God willing, we will be in accordance with our ability to pay attention," he continued.

    Uu admitted that this activity was carried out as an effort so that people could feel the presence of the country in their region.

    "My cellphone keeps on going. Even if there is information through social media or there are people who convey about complaints that might be acted upon during my activities, why not," he said.

    "So, the community can feel our presence as the government in the West Java region," he concluded.

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