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    The Big Start, Forming Collaboration of the West Java Provincial Government to Boost MSMEs


    BANDUNG CITY- The Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) of West Java in collaboration with Blibli.com held a UMKM competition entitled The Big Start. The competition for new young entrepreneurs is the fourth time.

    West Java Provincial Secretary Iwa Karniwa officially opened the event on the front page of Gedung Sate Bandung, Bandung City, Friday (07/12/19) afternoon.

    According to Iwa, The Big Start is a form of collaboration between West Java Depdaprov and the private sector in developing MSMEs in West Java, especially in the marketing sector. Product marketing is still the main obstacle for MSMEs in West Java.

    West Java Provincial Government has taken strategic steps to help MSMEs, including product certification, product packaging, and availability of raw materials.

    But Iwa admitted, the Provincial Government had limitations in helping in the marketing field. Therefore, Iwa fully supports the title of The Big Start as a marketing partner for West Java MSME products.

    "We have encouraged the halal certification of the MUI, with a portion of the funding from the West Java Provincial Budget. In terms of packaging and production processes, we have also assigned the Department of Industry and Trade, but that is not enough. The West Java Provincial Government has limitations in helping in the field of marketing, "Iwa said after the event.

    Iwa believes that the role of e-commerce in developing the development of MSMEs is very large. Recorded internet users in West Java reached 98 percent, and e-commerce contributed to economic development and MSMEs up to 33 percent. Iwa is optimistic that his growth will break 50 percent.

    "So we will continue to encourage knowledge, practice, etc., and if there are things that need to be facilitated by the Provincial Government, we are ready to help facilitate," he said.

    Blibli.com Deputy CMO Andy Adrian stated that Bandung City was chosen as the first location for The Big Start season 4 roadshow because it saw high public interest in the creative industries and MSMEs. In addition, the full support of the West Java Provincial Government is another reason.

    "The beginning of the Big Start roadshow was actually to Bandung, because indeed here it could be said that the MSMEs were containers. "There are a lot of MSMEs here, and the West Java government is also very supportive of us to get into this," Andy explained.

    He explained, one of the requirements for MSMEs to participate in The Big Start is that the MSMEs have been running for at least two years. This is according to him to assess how much commitment and consistency of MSMEs to survive in the world of creative industries.

    In addition, MSMEs are also not permitted to become resellers (selling other manufactured products), but must produce their own goods.

    In this competition, Bilibli.com will reduce the commitment of MSME business, also in maintaining the originality of money products will be marketed.

    The Big Start is an event for creativepreneur entrepreneurship competitions initiated by Blibli.com e-commerce since last 2016. In his fourth year, The Big Start raised the theme of Turning on Your Ambition, Realizing Your Success.

    The Big Start Season 4 offers a total prize of Rp1.3 billion that aims to hone the business skills of young people to suit market needs. In addition, they also have the opportunity to participate in exhibitions overseas and collaborate with local brands for special projects.

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