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    Pangandaran International Kite Festival 2019 can increase the number of tourists


    PANGANDARAN REGENCY - Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil officially opened the 2019 Pangandaran International Kite Festival on the East Coast of Pangandaran, Pangandaran Regency, Saturday (07/13/2019). The kite festival that was held for 3 days was not only attended by domestic participants, but also overseas.

    Emil - as Ridwan Kamil was called - said that the festival could boost Pangandaran's positive image as a tourist destination. He was immersed in happiness with the participants and helped fly the kite.

    "Surely we are proud that this is a festival that has been eagerly awaited by international groups, such as Europe and Asia," he said.

    With the festival, Emil is optimistic that the target of 5 million tourists to Pangandaran can be realized this year. According to him, tourists come not only to see the beauty of nature, but also to witness a large kite adorning the sky of Pangandaran.

    "Seeing this, I am sure the target of 5 million tourists will be achieved with the support of us," he said.

    In addition, said Emil, the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) is working with various parties to make the Nusawiru Airport. The goal, so that tourist access to Pangandaran is easier.

    "We are cooperating with Nusawiru Airport so that the flow of Asean tourists from Bintan can go directly to Pangandaran," he said.

    Emil also said that he had budgeted funds amounting to Rp. 80 billion for Pangandaran's West and East coastlines this year. Moreover, the submission of the Pangandaran Special Economic Zone (KEK) to the Central Government has come to light.

    "The support from the provincial government was born and Rp. 80 billion in this year we have prepared for East and West Coast arrangements. SEZs have also been registered and have entered the final round to be approved," Emil said.

    Pangandaran Regent Jeje Wiradinata said that the 2019 Pangandaran International Kite Festival was more festive than in previous years. This was done to boost the spirit of Pangandaran's development.

    "This kite festival is part of our tradition every July in realizing Pangandaran, a world-class tourist destination," he said.

    "This year is bigger and lively, we are more enthusiastic about developing Pangandaran," he continued.

    Pangandaran International Kite Festival 2019 itself was held until Sunday (7/14). On Saturday (13/7), the East Coast of Pangandaran was crowded with thousands of visitors. Because, there are also other performances, such as Kite Exhibition, Kite Competition, and Night Flight Kite Festival.

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