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    West Java Provincial Government Civil Servant Gathered Rp1 M to Pay Diyat Majalengka Indonesian Laborer


    BANDUNG CITY - West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) has made every effort to help free Ety bint Toyyib Anwar, an Indonesian laborer (TKI) from Majalengka Regency, from the threat of death penalty or qisas.

    It was known, in 2001 Ety worked in the city of Taif, Saudi Arabia and was imprisoned for allegedly poisoning his employer, Faisal al - Ghamdi. For almost 19 years waiting, Ety continues to be overshadowed by the death penalty.

    According to West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil, in May 2019 he received a report from the Head of the Manpower and Transmigration Office that he had received a letter from the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia to Jeddah regarding raising diyat funds to free Ety from the death penalty.

    "The Indonesian Consulate General coordinates with Lajnah Awfu Taif to ensure that the diyat funds for Ety transferred by the Government via the Indonesian Embassy in Riyadh have entered the account manager there, the Riyadh governor's office," said Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname, Friday (07/12/19) .

    Al-Ghamdi's family proposed a ransom or diyat fund to the judge who tried Ety. Initially, continued Emil, the judge decided that the diyat fund was 30 million real. But after going through a long process, diyat dropped to 5 million real. "And after negotiating again it was agreed to diyat 4 million real," said Emil.

    Emil said, since the agreement, KJRI sought to raise funds to pay for diyat 4 million real or around Rp. 15.2 billion. The government is racing against time, because if the diyat funds are not met, Ety will be sentenced to death by beheading.

    "West Java Provincial Government does not remain silent. We also raised funds for the release of Ety. During the month of Ramadan, I met with the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia asking for forgiveness for Ety, "he said.

    Emil said, several efforts were made to collect the ASN North Sumatra Provincial Government's Shodaqoh through the West Java Care account which was carried out in two stages. The first stage collected Rp1 billion and was transferred. The second stage was collected Rp.400 million.

    However, because the diyat is fulfilled, the second phase of funding is still in the West Java Care account. "Because the diyat funds have been fulfilled, the amount of Rp. 400 million from the ASN is still stored in the West Java Care account," Emil said.

    Emil has also asked the West Java Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (Kadin) and the banking sector, especially Bank BJB, to issue the shodaqoh. "We also always coordinate with the Majalengka Regency Government to raise funds," he said.

    Until now, West Java Disnakertrans still communicates with the Indonesian Consulate to wait for the administrative process of the Forgiveness Court until finally Ety binti Toyyib Anwar can be returned to the country. "Hopefully, you can quickly go back to Majalengka," Emil hoped. (*)

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