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    530 Villages in West Java Ride Classes from Developing to Advanced


    CIAMIS REGENCY- Through a number of excellent village development programs, now 530 villages in West Java have changed their status from villages to developing villages.

    Villages with developing categories are villages that have social, economic and ecological resources but have not been able to be managed optimally to improve the welfare of rural communities.

    While developed villages already have the ability to manage them so that they can improve the quality of their human life and overcome poverty.

    Met after a work visit in Ciamis Regency on Friday (7/12/19) night, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil stressed that 60 percent of development in West Java would focus on developing the village.

    "We will focus 60 percent of our energy on developing the village. Alhamdulillah this year the status of the village that has moved up from the village has developed into an advanced village of 530 villages," said the Governor.

    Not only that, as many as 48 villages have also changed their status from underdeveloped villages to developing ones. That way, now there are no more disadvantaged villages in West Java.

    "The village is at zero, last year there were 48 villages. Now we encourage villages that are still developing," said Emil, the Governor's nickname.

    The highest village category is an independent village that has the ability to carry out village development to improve the quality of life of its people. In West Java, there are only two villages that are categorized as independent villages in Sukabumi and Indramayu.

    Emil said that this year his party would provide 150 units of the Aspiration Village Car Champion (Masara) which would be given to villages that could become independent villages. This innovative car that can change shape can be used for agricultural transportation, health services, street screens, passenger transportation to the celebration stage.

    "If we enter an independent village, we will be given a prize, namely the Masara car, this year we have a share of 150 units of this innovative car to be given," Emil said. (*)

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